Quark Releases QuarkXPress 7.3 Update


DENVER – (quark.com) – 08-02-2007 Quark Inc. today announced availability of the QuarkXPress 7.3 updater, a maintenance release of the industry-leading professional design software. The QuarkXPress 7.3 updater provides new localized user interfaces in European Portuguese, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, and Russian, increasing the number of languages supported by QuarkXPress 7 to 18. In addition, this regularly scheduled 90-day maintenance release addresses the most frequently reported issues identified by QuarkXPress 7 users. The updater is available as a free download at www.quark.com.

“Quark is pleased to empower users in Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, and Russia in their pursuit of unmatched creativity and productivity by providing QuarkXPress user interfaces in their native languages,” said Jürgen Kurz, Quark’s senior vice president, desktop business unit. “Equally important, we are committed to acting promptly on issues that matter most to our customers by delivering free maintenance releases every 90 days. I encourage customers to download the QuarkXPress 7.3 updater to begin leveraging the supplemental language features and enhancements of the updater today.”

In addition to the new user interfaces in these five languages, the updater includes hyphenation and spelling support for Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Estonian, Icelandic, and Slovak.

Commitment to customer feedback, incremental enhancements The QuarkXPress 7.3 updater addresses the most frequently reported issues identified by users since the original release of QuarkXPress 7.

When comparing the QuarkXPress 7.3 updater against the Quark 7.2 updater released earlier this year, performance enhancements show:

  • Spell checking–Up to 500 percent increased performance in spell checking within text handling for Windows users.
  • Saving projects–Up to 75 percent faster operations when saving documents on local and network drives
  • Resolution to issues when saving to network volumes or Mac OS Tiger
  • Text handling–Up to 50 percent faster performance through enhanced navigation and when typing within text-heavy documents
  • Collection for outputï¾—Up to 40 percent performance improvement when collecting for output.

The QuarkXPress 7.3 updater also includes enhancements to multiple-copy output and project file size. The new Default PDF Output Styles feature, which requires no additional set up, also adds more options for PDF output, including:

  • Press – High Quality/High Resolution
  • Print – Medium Quality/Medium Resolution
  • Screen – Medium Quality/Low Resolution
  • Screen Low Quality/Low Resolution
  • PDF/X-1a: 2001
  • PDF/X-3:2002

For a complete list of issues resolved in QuarkXPress 7.3, please visit http://www.quark.com/products/xpress/73issuesresolved.html.

To learn more about QuarkXPress 7 and how to purchase or upgrade visit the Quark Web site. A fully functional 30-day evaluation version of QuarkXPress 7 is available for download from www.quark.com.

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1 Response

  1. Scott F says:

    I remember that I reported this bug with QuarkXPress 4 way back in 1998. I’m stunned to see it is still there in 7.3.

    If a file was initially created in version 3.3 or earlier, any smooth shape (oval, circle, round-cornered rectangle) converted to a path will become a multi-sided polygon. Even though the document is saved as version 7, the converted path is not a smooth curve. If I repeat the operation in a newly created file it works fine. This also applies to boolean operations like Intersect and Merge.

    I suspect there was some protection built in to earlier versions to prevent the user from making an object using version 4 then saving as version 3.x, resulting in a shape that version 3.x does not understand. The problem seems to be that this now unnecessary code looks at the file creation version, not the file save version.

    Does it really take over nine years for Quark to fix bugs? No wonder they’re in the toilet.