Saturday Slant: Favorite Scent

week 24

What is your favorite scent?

Scents can com­fort us. They trig­ger mem­o­ries more of­ten than any other single-sense stim­uli be­cause the ol­fac­tory cen­ter of the brain is ad­ja­cent to the area in which we store long-term mem­o­ries. Scents can re­mind us of a fa­vorite time or place or per­son. They can make us feel safe or ex­hil­i­rated. What is your fa­vorite smell? Why is it your fa­vorite scent? Does it re­mind you of some­thing?

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Sorry to be late to­day. I’ve been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing dra­matic con­nec­tion is­sues, and am hav­ing my modem re­placed.

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13 Responses

  1. Kayla Ann says:

    Doesn’t wa­ter­melon have sort of a scent? If it does that’s my fa­vorite scent be­cause it re­minds me of a pic­ture of my fa­ther and I when I was about 3. We are sit­ting on the linoleum floor at my old house and there’s a huge mess of wa­ter­melon every­where. Dad is look­ing at me and I just have the biggest grin on my face. I can barely re­mem­ber that day, but I re­mem­ber what I was think­ing when that pic­ture was taken. “Uh Oh! We’re in trou­ble now!” I have no idea of the con­se­quences of that lit­tle es­capade but I’m still here, 11 years later, so it couldn’t have been too ter­ri­bly bad.

  2. Margot says:

    What is your fa­vorite scent? My two fa­vorite scent are vanilla and greek sea­son­ing, vanilla be­cause re­minds me of the bak­ing my fa­vorite cof­fee cake and greek sea­son­ing be­cause it re­minds me of the love of my life.
    (recipes on my xanga site)

  3. Dorothy says:

    Nothing as arous­ing as a great scent…I’m up!

  4. Roon says:

    Mine is up. Surprisingly, this was a toughie for me.

  5. Jaime says:

    Mine’s up. :)

  6. granni39 says:

    mine is up! ;-)

  7. Frida says:

    Here it is…I’d say that’s the least per­sonal thing in the en­try, though.

  8. George Orwell says:

    I rec­om­mend peo­ple seek out in­cense stores that carry Japanese in­cense.

    There will be a va­ri­ety of re­fined smells avail­able, and there is no “stick” in­side the in­cense, so when it burns, you get a pure ef­fect.

  9. mimi says:

    i like the smell of sun­screen. i like the smell of in­cense. i like the smell of hugo boss and ar­mani im­po­rio.

  10. Frida says:

    Here’s mine…My most hon­est an­swers to ques­tions like these al­ways seem to be non-answers for some rea­son. Anyway, I’ve posted since then, so click here to go di­rectly to that en­try.

  11. I’ll have to look for some of those.