Saturday Slant: I Want That

week 29

What item have you seen in someone's house that you most wanted?

Was it some­thing in a friend’s home or per­haps a bauble you spied dur­ing a “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” tour of a celebrity’s home? So, tell us: What itemlarge or small, prefer­ably inan­i­matehave you most wanted after see­ing it in some­one else’s home?

How are other peo­ple Slanting? Check the com­ments! Leave a link to your Slant there!

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8 Responses

  1. Shirl says:

    Mine is posted. I liked this ques­tion *grin*

  2. frida says:

    um, did mine get deleted??

  3. Frida,

    I haven’t deleted any responses (though I’m about to remove the dupli­cate of Shirl’s). That con­cerns me. When did you post it?

  4. frida says:

    Saturday. It could’ve not gone through, too…I went some­where else in the mid­dle of the “your com­ment is being sub­mit­ted” screen. But I’ve done that before, and it got saved, which is why I was wondering.