Tab Leaders in QuarkXPress

Tab leaders–the lines of filler char­ac­ters in print­ed lists and tables of con­tents that con­nect the aligned con­tent on one side to the aligned con­tent on the other–are eas­i­ly obtain­able in QuarkXPress.

After set­ting up and for­mat­ting the list, bring up the Tabs pane of the Paragraph Attributes dia­log box (Mac: CMD-SHIFT-T, Win: CTRL-SHIFT-T, or Menu: Style>Tabs”¦). Select the tab you want to imple­ment and enter the leader char­ac­ter in the “Fill Character” box.

If the tab lead­ers seem too dense, enter a sin­gle space after your fill char­ac­ter. QuarkXPress allows up to two char­ac­ters in the “Fill Character” box.

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