Website FCW.COM Delivers Positive Review of Creative Suite 2

Business/IT/Government news aggregator site recommends Creative Suite 2; cites power, new features, integration

If you’ve got someone…nagging you for an upgrade to Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 2, we recommend you listen

“If you’ve got someone in your production department nagging you for an upgrade to Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite 2, we recommend you listen,”, states the first sentence of a review by writer Patrick Marshall at FCW.COM, a business/IT/Government news aggregator site, the online presence of the periodical Federal Computer Weekly.

It delivers high praise for such new features as Photoshop’s Smart Objects and vanishing points, InDesign’s Object Styles, the power that Bridge provides, and overall tight integration contributing to overall usefulness and potentially greater productivity.

The only ambivalent marks given were for GoLive, which, reflecting what seems to be conventional wisdom, was evaluated as “[having] never been an industry leader, and in our view, it is not likely to be seen as one now.” Adobe is being given credit for improving GoLive as well, however, with VisualCSS and automatic conversion of imported files to Smart Objects.

It is positive press for Adobe which highlights the inroads into Quark dominance which Adobe seems to continue to make while the world waits for Quark to release XPress 7.

For Quark, the clock is ticking.

Read the entire review, at FCW.COM, by Patrick Marshall, here.

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