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Secret Functions of Adobe Acrobat Pro X

Secret Functions of Adobe Acrobat Pro X

We all use PDFs and Adobe Acrobat on a regular basis--the modern world couldn't function without PDFs. Still, despite the constant use, there are many features and almost mystical powers within Acrobat Pro that even the most experienced users don't know about. In this 2-hour session we'll explore those hidden gems and what they can do in the real world for you and your work.
Graphs and Charts of Unlimited Creativity in Illustrator

Graphs and Charts of Unlimited Creativity in Illustrator

Charts and graphs don't have to be boring. In fact, using Adobe Illustrator, they can be down right amazing! Whether you import data from Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Docs Spreadsheet, or another data set or fill in the numbers directly in Illustrator, you can be creating gorgeous, highly illustrative, optionally 3D pie charts, bar charts, column charts, radar charts, and many more in just minutes!
InDesign Productivity Secrets: 10 Techniques You Can't Afford Not to Use

InDesign Productivity Secrets: 10 Techniques You Can’t Afford Not to Use

This 3-hour workshop will teach you 10 amazing productivity techniques to speed your work in InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5 and reduce repetitive, wasted effort. Real World InDesign Productivity Secrets will have you spending less time on the boring, repeative, creativity-sucking tasks and more time doing what you love: being creative in InDesign for print design, tablet publishing, ebook publishing, and any other use you have for InDesign.
InFree: 25 Freebies for InDesign

InFree: 25 Freebies for InDesign

You’ll walk away from this seminar with a virtual goodie bag of royalty-free, ready to use free media, fonts, scripts, plug-ins, and other resources you can put to work in your projects today! Armed with these top quality freebies you'll save several times more than the cost of attending!
Workshop: InDesign Special Effects

InDesign Creative & Fun Special Effects

Ever wanted to put photographs inside text or create stamped or cutout text for your brochures? How about creating cast shadows of text for fliers? Making your own holiday cards or invitations? Why not create a collage of images inside the shape of a jack-o-lantern, valentine, or any shape? In this online course you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in just a few easy steps in Adobe InDesign CS4/CS5/CS5.5.
The ePublishing Workflow Webinar

ePublishing Workflow Webinar

The Digital Publishing market is exploding, so it’s now more important than ever to learn how to create e-books, e-magazines, e-catalogs, and more. The ePublishing Workflow Webinar will give you the skills you need to stay relevant and on top of this second digital publishing revolution.
InDesign to iPad Digital Publishing and Deployment, Start to Finish Webinar

InDesign to iPad: Digital Magazine Design & Deployment, Start to Finish

A Master Class intensive 2-day seminar using InDesign, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Aquafadas, and more to go from blank page through to producing a polished interactive digital magazine running on the iPad. The same publication will also run on Android-based tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, and other tablets. This course teaches affordable digital magazine/catalog production, not only Adobe's $495 monthly option.
The Truth About Copyright (and Trademark) for Creative Professionals

Copyright for Creative Professionals, the Truth

Graphic designers, Web designers, artists, writers, and other creative professionals today are awash in conflicting, misleading information about copyright and trademark. This webinar will give you the truth from actual intellectual property attorneys—truth you need in order to know and enforce your rights, save your business, and to stay out of court and out of jail.