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Graphic design­ers, Web design­ers, artists, writ­ers, and oth­er cre­ative pro­fes­sion­als today are awash in con­flict­ing, mis­lead­ing infor­ma­tion about copy­right and trade­mark. This webi­nar will give you the truth from actu­al intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty attorneys—truth you need in order to know and enforce your rights, save your busi­ness, and to stay out of court and out of jail.

Who real­ly owns the copy­right to the work you cre­ate?

When and how is copy­right own­er­ship grant­ed?

When and how should you to reg­is­ter a copy­right?

What is “Fair Use?”

What are the dif­fer­ences between copy­right, trade­mark, ser­vice mark, and Registered Trademark?

What should you do if some­one infringes on your copy­right?

Are you vio­lat­ing some­one else’s copy­right right now?

The answers to these ques­tions might sur­prise you.

Certainly, if you rely on the Web to answer them you’re oper­at­ing under mis­con­cep­tions that could cost you mon­ey, your rights, your rep­u­ta­tion, your entire busi­ness, even your free­dom.

Pariah S. Burke inter­viewed over a dozen intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty attor­neys who spe­cial­ize in copy­right and trade­mark law, reg­is­tra­tion, and enforce­ment to get to the truth about copy­right and dis­pel the mis­in­for­ma­tion and con­fu­sion preva­lent on the Web today.

Attend this Webinar to learn the truth you and all cre­ative pro­fes­sion­als need to know in order pro­tect your­self, your clients, and the val­ue of your work.

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This 3-hour record­ed webi­nar is deliv­ered elec­tron­i­cal­ly via Adobe Connect, the best of breed online meet­ing and sem­i­nar sys­tem. You will be able to pause, stop, start, fast-forward, and rewind the record­ing for view­ing at your leisure, 24-hours a day. You may watch from any­where in the world with a high-speed Internet con­nec­tion.

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Video Clips

Clips from the record­ed Webinar and video course.

Who Really Owns the Copyright You Think You Do

Trademark Basics

Enemies and Allies

Fair Use Copyright Doctrine Factor 4

What Not To Do if Someone Infringes on Your Copyright

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