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Copyright for Creative Professionals, the Truth

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Graphic designers, Web designers, artists, writers, and other creative professionals today are awash in conflicting, misleading information about copyright and trademark. This webinar will give you the truth from actual intellectual property attorneys—truth you need in order to know and enforce your rights, save your business, and to stay out of court and out of jail.

Who really owns the copyright to the work you create?

When and how is copyright ownership granted?

When and how should you to register a copyright?

What is “Fair Use?”

What are the differences between copyright, trademark, service mark, and Registered Trademark?

What should you do if someone infringes on your copyright?

Are you violating someone else’s copyright right now?

The answers to these questions might surprise you.

Certainly, if you rely on the Web to answer them you’re operating under misconceptions that could cost you money, your rights, your reputation, your entire business, even your freedom.

Pariah S. Burke interviewed over a dozen intellectual property attorneys who specialize in copyright and trademark law, registration, and enforcement to get to the truth about copyright and dispel the misinformation and confusion prevalent on the Web today.

Attend this Webinar to learn the truth you and all creative professionals need to know in order protect yourself, your clients, and the value of your work.

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Who Really Owns the Copyright You Think You Do

Trademark Basics

Enemies and Allies

Fair Use Copyright Doctrine Factor 4

What Not To Do if Someone Infringes on Your Copyright

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