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InDesign to iPad: Digital Magazine Design & Deployment, Start to Finish

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Attendee Reviews

Very thorough!…[Pariah] clearly knows a ton about the whole world of eBooks. The InDesign work will help me produce my first eBook with the “enhanced” features that I didn’t know how to do.

— Tali Edut, Astrostyle


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A Master Class intensive 2-day seminar using InDesign, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Aquafadas, and more to go from blank page through to producing a polished interactive digital magazine running on the iPad. The same publication will also run on Android-based tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, and other tablets. This course teaches affordable digital magazine/catalog production, not just Adobe’s $495 monthly and $395 options.
“‘Print’ and ‘publishing’ no longer mean just ink on paper. Publishing professionals need to embrace that concept in order to stay relevant, to stay employable. They need to get on top of digital publishing now.” —Pariah S. Burke, 20-year publishing and graphic workflow expert.

In this intensive 2-day Webinar (5 hours per day), presented by Pariah Burke, we’ll start with a blank page and finish with a polished interactive digital magazine ready to publish to the iPad App Store or Android App Market. The same publication will also run on Android-based tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom, and other tablets.

The details of what you will learn are contained in the Session Schedule below.

Recordings: All attendees will receive access to the recording of the event for 60 days following the event.

Prerequisites: This seminar is aimed at individuals who already have a working knowledge of Adobe InDesign (CS3, CS4, CS5, or CS5.5). It is also highly recommended that you first attend, or watch the video course of, the ePublishing Workflow Webinar.

Webinar Format & Recording

The Webinar is an intensive course consisting of two consecutive 5-hour days. Each day includes a 1 hour lunch break and two 15-minute breaks. The Webinar will be delivered electronically via Adobe Connect, the best of breed online meeting and seminar system. Video and audio will be transmitted live through Adobe Connect. You may participate in the Webinar from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection. The URL of the Webinar, as well as your login username and password, will be sent to you via e-mail a few days before the event begins.

Following the event you will be able to view a recording of the event online. You will be able to pause, stop, start, fast-forward, and rewind the recording for viewing on your schedule. A link to the recording will be e-mailed to you within 1–5 business days following the conclusion of the live event.

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Session Topics

Defining Rich Media Publications

Enhanced ebooks

Examples of rich media publications on the iPad

Formats, Creation Tools, and Costs of Market Entry

PDF-Based Publications

Flash-Based Publications

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Enterprise Publishers

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Medium Publishers

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for Freelancers & Design Studios

Woodwing’s Digital Magazine Tools

RovingBird ePublisher Pro for Enterprise Publishers

RovingBird ePublisher Advanced for Medium Publishers

RovingBird ePublisher for Freelancers & Design Studios

Mag+, Aquafadas, PixelMag, and Other Digital Publishing Solutions for All Publishers

Rich Media Publication Foundations

Layout requirements

Pages sizes

Repurposing print publications to digital publications

Content management considerations unique to iPad/tablet publishing

Efficiency techniques to save time and trouble when building and updating layouts for portrait and landscape tablet reading

Master page best practices

Paragraph and character style best practices

Basic Interactivity

Internal and external hyperlinks

Creating clickable coverlines

Creating headers and footers

Using page numbers

Building a user-friendly page-level navigation system

Creating a clickable table of contents

Employing text variables

Adding Audio, Video, and Animation

Supported formats

Preparing audio and video

Placing and sizing multimedia content

Advanced multimedia controls

Advanced Interactivity

Buttons—they aren’t what they sound like

Creating rollover image galleries

Creating video galleries

Replacing text content with buttons

Creating scrolling text frames

Adding panoramas and rotatable 3D content

Publishing and Imposition

Finalizing Flash-based publications

Finalizing PDF-based publications

Combining page versions into a single publication

Finalizing publications in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Finalizing publications in RovingBird ePublisher

Deploying and Distributing

Testing your publications live on the iPad and online

Deploy digital publications to the iPad App Store via Adobe Content Server

Deploy digital publications to the iPad App Store via RovingBird ePublisher Pro publishing system

Direct distribution of Flash- and PDF-based digital publications

Third-party distributor and payments systems to manage subscriptions to your publications

Video Clips

Clips from InDesign to iPad (live Webinar and video course).

Pan and Zoom Overlay Creation

In Attendees’ Own Words

Attendees of the ePublishing Workflow Webinar, the foundation class for InDesign to iPad, have a lot to say about the content, the presenter, and their futures.

You gave me ePublishing and more today. Thank you so much….I can exceed our web stuff and be in more control, give better information in better ways, and give [our publications] vavavoom!

—Penny, Genius Solutions, Inc.
Pariah knew his stuff. He was easy going, handled the online environment naturally, and made the participants feel like he was on their team…Pariah was fun and knowledgable.

—Andrew G.
[I obtained] a clear vision of the world of electronic publishing.

—Claudio Marconato, Adobe Certified Instructor
Lots of new info.

—Joe, Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine
[I learned] rich-media ecatalog [design].

—Naoto, StoneRiver Company
A good introduction to the ePublishing world. I am just starting my own freelance business and needed to see what the newest things are that I should get involved with and this is it!…I have had some offers to illustrate a children’s book and a book of poetry, This gives me a resource to make… children’s books and books of poetry… interactive and reach a whole other audience.

—Kelly R.
This session has been fantastic, and I have learned so much. After nearly 20 years in the print world, I and my customers recognize that we must make the change to digital communication or face extinction.

—Caroline, Wild Pete Publishing, Inc.
Lots of insider tidbits! Especially for marketing and selling.

—Lisa K.
All of it–it was all valuable and enlightening. Everything–from the valuable resources, to the hands-on things in InDesign that I hadn’t seen before. I will be using these skills immediately and in the future.

—Denise, Design4 Graphic & Web Design
I liked Pariah’s intro of himself: “I like to help people.” Distilled to the very essence of his purpose in life.

—Jan, J.L. Carpenter Design
[I learned] many, many skills, including some I can use for immediate application.

—Roger K.
A BIG WOW in Artwork & Graphic Images
Every single bit of it invaluable.

—Grace F.
I was very happy with the value I received from this webinar…I got a lot more out of it than I had anticipated… It was my birthday present to myself and I’m so glad I indulged!
—Michelle, Project Design Inc.
Pariah is a great speaker and so much fun to listen to. He has a great way of giving both overviews and specifics.

—Aimee, The Creative Slant
I am very glad I was able to find your seminar, because this workshop came in just in time for my career.

—Michelle W., Freelance Designer
The actual demonstration of how to create epubs, information about which formats are used by which ereaders, and which fonts, I found most useful…I had not realized that it’s that easy to create a (simple) epub.

—Margaret B., Editor
Gave me all of the info I would have wanted to know to start down the path of e-publishing…As a novice InDesign CS5 user, I feel a lot more confident about being able to design a publication and see it published.

—Sandra, SoVisual
This workshop presented a comprehensive view of the capabilities, technologies and marketing of epublications. Having that end-to-end understanding opened ideas I did not have before the class.

—Karen B.
I gained confidence about offering ePUB services to clients, and excited about this opportunity for my business…Most useful to me: info on how and where to get ePUBs into the market, types of formats and how and where they’re used.

—Rock, Tomato Graphics
I like the open conversation with other attendees. I liked that a wide breadth of content was covered…I gained a better understanding and more ammunition on how to explain that creating ePublications, both interactive and for eReaders, isn’t just a magic click of a button like management seems to think.

—Paul, St. Mary’s Press
Our newsletter will now be a interactive PDF and we are very excited to start creating it!

—Stephanie, Birdville ISD
Pariah’s insights into the future and recommendations for innovators, artists, authors, and small publishers to capture their market share was most useful…Skills I learned that I can apply to my job: how to troubleshoot file formats to submit ebooks directly into various devices, unique approaches of adding value to our books/services.

—Fassil, Nyala Publishing
All was very useful! I’m so happy with all!…Skills I learned that I can apply to my job: ePUB and Kindle formats, how to get an ISBN and sell [ebooks] in the Apple store.

—Samuel, Katalog / Campitomedia
Very thorough!…[Pariah] clearly knows a ton about the whole world of eBooks. The InDesign work will help me produce my first eBook with the “enhanced” features that I didn’t know how to do.

—Tali, Astrostyle

Join the ePublishing Revolution!

As magazines, books and newspapers rapidly convert to digital format, it’s clear the Electronic Publishing Revolution is finally and fully underway. Notable periodicals such as Wired, Sports Illustrated, and Popular Mechanics have made the digital switch, along with the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Colleges and universities are beginning to offer textbooks in digital format; in a September, 2010 edition of Newsweek, the notion was presented that digital textbooks are replacing traditional ones in the classroom. Barnes & Noble and Borders both have a section of their web sites dedicated to digital textbooks.

Interactivity is being added to the basic PDF ebook format, using Flash and other technologies, giving the consumer a rich and engaging experience, far beyond that of a traditional printed document.

Just how popular are ebooks and other electronic publications? Amazon has declared the Kindle its best-selling product, with over 630,000 ebooks now available from Amazon.com. In a four-month period ending in August 2010, Apple announced sales of 3 million iPads, and more slate PCs and ebook readers are rushing to market compete with the iPad.

Within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content. Three years ago, I said within ten years but I realized that was wrong – it’s within five.Steve Haber, president of Sony’s digital reading business division as told to The Telegraph

With all of this activity taking us further from the printed word and leading us to this new digital frontier, this is the time to take action and join the revolution. Our intensive two-day webinar, the ePublishing Workflow Webinar, will guide you through the process, teach you the tools and knowledge you need to create ebooks, e-magazines, e-catalogs, and other electronic publications, and to successfully deploy them in the market.

Digital publications can be created from a variety of applications, and we will walk you through the process using the most popular software. We’ll explain the difference between ePUB, PDF, and Flash formats, showing you the pros and cons of each, and helping you decide which format is best for your content.

The webinar not only shows you how to produce ebooks, but also covers formatting HTML and editing the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), to control the look and feel of your documents. You’ll learn how to add graphics, sound, video, and Flash content for the richest experience to the end user.

Facts About Electronic Publishing Today

As more companies plan to release new eBook reading devices by the end of 2010, the electronic publication market continues to expand rapidly.

  • More than 3 million iPads have been sold between April and August 2010. After languishing for years as a largely untapped market, the release of the sleek, multi-function iPad finally convinced the mainstream market of the convenience, utility, and pleasurable reading experience of ebooks, e-magazines, and other electronic publications.
  • In the same time frame 4 million Kindles had been sold; Amazon boasts the Kindle as its most popular product.
  • Amazon sold 3 times as many Kindle ebooks in the first half of 2010 as in the first half of 2009. Amazon now has over 630,000 books available for the Kindle.
  • The iPad is not alone. In September 2010 BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry PlayBook, a tablet computer targeted at the Enterprise, but with plenty of power for the Small Office/Home Office and even consumer crowd. The PlayBook bests the iPad in many features, including full support for Flash-powered games and publications, multitasking (running multiple applications at once), a built-in video conferencing camera, and many other features.
  • In October Microsoft announced that tablet devices and e-readers running Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 will be available by Christmas 2010.
  • Magazines are going electronic. Currently deployed on the iPad, smart phones, and other mobile media are interactive, digital-only versions of the following perodicals:
    • Wired Magazine
    • Sports Illustrated
    • Fortune Magazine
    • PEOPLE Magazine
    • Maxim
    • And dozens of others.
  • Newspapers are going digital. Currently deployed on the iPad, smart phones, and other mobile media are interactive, digital-only versions of the following daily newspapers:
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • USA Today
    • The New York Times
    • Dayton Daily News
    • The Chinadaily
    • And more every week.
  • Catalogs are going digital. Consumers are carrying in their pockets and purses warehouses worth of product listings in the form of electronic catalogs deployed on the iPad, smart phones, and other mobile media. A few of the brands that have taken advantage of the media just since the iPad was released in April 2010 include:
    • Pottery Barn
    • Arhaus Furniture
    • SoundScreen
    • SkyMall
    • Ticket Master
    • And more almost daily.
  • 99.26% of all the computers, tablets, and mobile devices in the world can open Flash-based publications.
  • PDFs are still the number 1 type of rich content, interactive electronic publications.
  • There is a free PDF reader available for every computer operating system, tablet device, and smart phone.
  • Author Seth Godin, author of 12 worldwide bestselling books announced in 2010 that he has completely moved away from traditional printed book publishing. All of his future books will be published exclusively in electronic format.
  • Electronic publishing skills are in demand for new hires and contractors. A search of DesignJobsLive.com, Monster.com, and other regular employment and freelance job sites revealed more than 400 openings looking for skills related to electronic publishing layout, design for electronic publishing, or electronic publication project management (date of sample: September 28 2010).
  • According to the Association of American Publishers audio book sales for 2009 totaled $192 million, down 12.9% on the prior year. E-books overtook audiobooks in 2009 with sales reaching $313 million in 2009, up 176.6%.
  • A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (online) reports that “a group of libraries led by the Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library, are joining forces to create a one-stop Website for checking out e-books, including access to more than a million scanned public domain books and a catalog of thousands of contemporary e-book titles available at many public libraries.”

The Digital Publishing market is exploding, so it’s now more important than ever to learn how to create e-books, e-magazines, e-catalogs, and more. The ePublishing Workflow Webinar will give you the skills you need to stay relevant and on top of this second digital publishing revolution.

Please be familiar with our Webinar refund and rescheduling policies.