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Change Typefaces without Using the Mouse

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Here’s a quick tip for chang­ing the font of text quick­ly in all ver­sions of InDesign and InCopy–and with­out ever touch­ing the mouse.

Let’s be­gin by es­tab­lish­ing two facts: First, CMD+T/CTRL+T opens or clos­es the Character panel/palette. Second, we know that typ­ing in­to the Character panel’s Font Family field caus­es InDesign to try to match typed char­ac­ters to the name of a font fam­i­ly. For in­stance, if you type garInDesign will fill in the first match, which is like­ly to be Garamond Premiere Pro or an­oth­er Garamond de­riva­tion (as­sum­ing you have a Garamond type fam­i­ly in­stalled and active).

What you may not have no­ticed is a third fact ger­mane to this dis­cus­sion: When the Character pan­el is first opened, the con­tents of the Font Family field are au­to­mat­i­cal­ly se­lect­ed and high­light­ed. (See where I’m go­ing with this?)

Combine those three facts and you have a mouse-free means of rapid­ly chang­ing the type­face of text as you type. Here’s how:

  1. Press CMD+T/CTRL+T to open the Character pan­el. If it was al­ready open, press CMD+T/CTRL+T twice–once to close it, once to re-open it.
  2. Begin typ­ing the name of your de­sired font fam­i­ly. InDesign (or InCopy) will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly fill in the first al­pha­bet­i­cal match. If that match isn’t cor­rect, keep typ­ing out the name un­til the Character pan­el serves up what you want.
  3. Press Return/Enter to com­mit the font fam­i­ly change to the document.
  4. Keep on writ­ing or for­mat­ting copy in your document.

Notice that at no time did your hands leave the keyboard.

If you need to change the font style or oth­er op­tions af­ter chang­ing the font fam­i­ly, hit Tab be­fore step 3 to move from the Font Family field to the Font Style field. In that field you can al­so be­gin typ­ing the de­sired style name and let InDesign fill in the rest. For in­stance, type it to re­quest the ital­ic type­face or cond for the con­densed version–of course, InDesign will on­ly of­fer up styles you have installed.