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Custom-Designed or DIY Personal & Professional Sites with Web.com

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DIY or Done-Just-For-You Sites by Web.com — A No-Code, Low-Cost Means to Establishing a Personal or Professional Online Presence


Web.com offers small, medium, and solopreneur businesses like my sister-in-law an incredibly easy, coding-free way to get online, market their services, and be successful. Using technology so rare and all-but unheard of amongst internet service providers—a telephone—you may not even have to use Web.com’s website to build your own website. They’re designers can build everything you need right over the phone. If you’re more hands-on or uncomfortable using old fashioned technology like a voice call, you can build your website online, also entirely without writing a single line of code, using professionally-designed templates customizable with a drag-and-drop editor no more complicated than Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Whichever way you choose to create your website, Web.com offers tools and experts to get you found by your customers through SEO, PPC, search engine placement, and social media marketing. Specialized CRM, marketing, scheduling, and communication tools ready for point-and-click integration with your website can even give specific industry businesses everything they need for success.

When my sister-in-law, Katy, earned her real estate license she realized bringing home buyers to her was going to take more than just business cards at the local nail salon and on the supermarket bulletin board. She needed a website, but she’d just completed a three-week course; she didn’t want to go back to school just to learn how to code a website. Moreover, she wanted more than just “a website.” Katy needed to be able to change the website frequently, not just to handle rapidly listing and selling homes, but also taking advantage of changes in the market to highlight on the home page prime and up-and-coming neighborhoods, hot listings, and events like home shows where Katy would have a presence. She also needed a way to get the word out about her website, to let home buyers and sellers know she was out there, ready to serve them with her sparkling personality and positively obsessive attention to detail.

After asking around the family and Facebook, the one recommendation Katy kept getting over and over again was Web.com.

Done-For-You Design: Web.com Will Build Your Custom Site From Scratch

Unlike many services with which you’re lucky to receive same-week email help or robo-agent “live” chats, Web.com actually encourages you to call. Don’t know where to start? Pick up the phone. Halfway through selecting and customizing your professionally designed layout but don’t know what “SSL certificate” means? Call. Want Web.com to design everything for you? Punch the digits on your dialer. Making a phone call is such a simple and refreshing way of servicing customers that has been sadly lacking among service providers over the last two decades.

You’re actually encouraged to use a telephone to get started. How amazing is that!?

You’re actually encouraged to use a telephone to get started. How amazing is that!?

Once you do pick up the phone (if you can remember how to use it to place voice calls) you’ll be swiftly connected with a MyTime Support Expert who is your personal designer, coder, support technician, marketing analyst, and account specialist. Your MyTime Support Expert will ask you about your business and your goals for your business’s new website, and then, by knowing about your business and all the facets of online presence that you may not know, your MyTime Support Expert will build the website you need. Although you and the MyTime Support Expert will start with one of Web.com’s hundreds of pre-built templates, you won’t receive a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all website. Your MyTime Support Expert will customize the site to your specific business and goals. In no time you’ll have a custom website built from scratch—from a phone call!

And it doesn’t stop there. Giving your business an online presence is, to paragraphs G.I. Joe, only half the battle. Getting it noticed by your customers is the other half. That’s where Web.com shines, too. Once your site is built, your MyTime Support Expert will steer you into marketing mode, helping you use the Ignite Online Marketing service to promote your shiny new website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that it ranks highest on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, YP.com, and other search engines where your customers look for you and your competitors. Once your search engine presence is maximized, your MyTime Support Expert will help you raise your social media profile with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and social media promotion.

A Web-based company serving customers by phone is so rare and refreshing these days that it makes Web.com a superstar of customer service. The new website it delivers for your business makes Web.com a superstar of online presence.

Do-It-Yourself Site Builder: Control Your Site’s Look Sans Coding

Of course, you don’t have to call Web.com. You can do everything yourself using Web.com’s simply, no-coding, Microsoft Office-inspired Do-It-Yourself Site Builder tool. Every step of the process is easy and fully documented with clearly written help and tutorials.

Hundreds of professionally-designed templates provide the perfect starting point.

Hundreds of professionally-designed templates provide the perfect starting point.

Begin by picking from among hundreds of professionally-designed website templates. The template is a starting point for your unique website. Add your logo. Customize the template with your brand colors. Choose fonts you like.

Once the website looks like your business, further customize it with easy-to-use drag-and-drop components that make it work like your business without you having to code a single line. Want a calendar? Drop that in. How about a contact or feedback form? Drag it into place. Need more photographs so that potential customers can see your business? Simple. Just upload your photos, drag them to where you want, and resize with your mouse as needed.

Six months later, do it again, if you want. After building your website in the Do-It-Yourself Site Builder you can use that same tool modify your website at any time. Running a sale? Change the images and text in Do-It-Yourself Site Builder. Have customers told you that a driving directions section would be beneficial? Grab that, enter your address, and go—letting your customers come. Realize a few weeks after building that you forgot to include an “About Us” page? Add it. Want to completely redesign your site for a holiday or just because you’re tired of the design? Rebuild it by starting from scratch with a new template or by copying and pasting everything you want to keep.

Edit your website in the Microsoft Office-like Do-It-Yourself Site Builder.

Edit your website in the Microsoft Office-like Do-It-Yourself Site Builder.

Creating your website with the Web.com Do-It-Yourself Site Builder is no more complicated than point-and-click, drag-and-drop. Coding is intimidating. The Do-It-Yourself Site Builder is the opposite. It’s easy, intuitive, and, to be candid, fun to use.

Industry-Specific Solutions for Professionals to Engage with Clients

In addition to great website designs and marketing tools, Web.com also offers specialized solutions for specific types of businesses. Auto mechanics, chiropractors, dentists, and real estate professionals can integrate complete solutions to help their business function better through their new websites.

Automotive repair shops and mechanics can benefit from Web.com’s customized marketing package. Web.com will help you maximize your exposure and generate leads. Through local SEO you’ll rank higher in search results and appear near the top of directories like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads positioned on the right keywords in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing will generate strong, relevant leads, bringing customers to you. Web.com will also add your business to Google Maps, helping you be found when customers search for local businesses like yours on the Web and, more importantly, on mobile.

Automotive repair websites can be more than just websites.

Automotive repair websites can be more than just websites.

For dental and chiropractic practices, Lighthouse by Web.com is an all-in-one automated patient communication software. Remind patients and reduce no-shows with automated patient reminders via email, text, phone, and physical mail. Send reminders for treatment plans, recommended maintenance, and check-ups. Communicate with patients via two-way texting from your computer, as well as message waitlists, handle appointment requests, and even send out newsletters. Grow your online reputation with reviews on Yelp, Google, and other major sites. Lighthouse can be integrated into your sleek, inviting Web.com website and connected seamlessly to your practice management software.

Real estate agents, realtors, real estate brokers, and brokerages can use TORCHx, an easy-to-use client management solution built specifically to address the needs of real estate professionals. It includes enhanced CRM tools and client activity notifications. Keep in touch with clients through email and drip campaigns that can be easily built with TORCHx’s templates, and then tracked through TORCHx. Attract and convert leads with beautiful websites for listings, pay-per-click (PPC) ads and ad tracking, and listings, neighborhood data, and maps. Through seamless integration with your Web.com website, TORCHx can gather and consolidate client information, automate frequent tasks, and put vital information at your fingertips at your office, on-site, and on-the-go.

Auto mechanics, chiropractors, dentists, and real estate professionals don’t have to start from scratch. Instead, you can start with the right pre-built, industry-specific solution for your business to give your business a new or more professional online presence in seconds instead of the minutes it takes with a MyTime Support Expert or the Do-It-Yourself Site Builder. Starting from a pre-built solution instantly connects you with clients, helps walk-ins find you, enables you to accept online payments, gives you an online store for your products, puts you in search engines, and makes your business an online presence.

Web.com Has Helped More Than 3 Million Customers Over 20 Years

It’s now three months since my sister-in-law Katy started her online presence and online tools with Web.com, joining over three million other Web.com customers. She’s a thriving independent real estate agent. Her website is sleek and friendly, with content she easily keeps updated, and includes built-in tools that help her manage her listings, clients, and appointments from her home office, tablet, and phone with no more difficulty than checking her email. Thanks to MyTime Support Experts and Web.com’s Ignite Online Marketing service, Katy has a 5-star review on Yelp and another on Google, well-converting PPC ads at the top of all the major search engines and Facebook, and well-written, top-of-page listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and elsewhere. Katy’s doing so well, in fact, that she and my brother are taking a second honeymoon in Oahu next winter while their kids stay with Uncle David.

If you find yourself in need of a new or more effective Web presence, give Web.com a try.

If you find yourself in need of the perfect new home in or around Portland, Oregon, look up my sister-in-law, Katy Morris. She’s got the best tools and the best attitude to make your home-buying dreams come true!