Illustrator CS6 Upgrade Bootcamp

Illustrator CS6 Upgrade Bootcamp

A boot­camp is an inten­sive upgrade train­ing ses­sion intend­ed to bring expe­ri­enced users of Illustrator up to speed with the lat­est fea­tures (and quirks) and how to incor­po­rate those into real world pro­fes­sion­al work­flows. During the boot­camp we can update you from Illustrator CS4 or Illustrator CS5 to Illustrator CS6+ (CS6+ means incre­men­tal updates and new fea­tures added through a Creative Cloud sub­scrip­tion that are not includ­ed in the boxed retail Illustrator CS6 product).

New Features of Illustrator CS6

  • Adobe Mercury Performance System
  • New Package Files
  • New Unembed Images
  • Links Panel Enhancements
  • Pattern Creation
  • New Image Trace
  • New Efficient, Flexible Interface
  • Gradients on Strokes
  • Inline Editing in Panels
  • Gaussian Blur Enhancement
  • Color Panel Enhancements
  • Transform Panel Enhancements
  • Type Panel Improvements
  • Dockable Hidden Tools
  • Workspaces with Rooms
  • Control Panel Enhancements
  • Transparency Panel Improvements
  • True White Canvas Color
  • …And all oth­er fea­tures new since your last ver­sion of Illustrator

Pariah Burke

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