InCopy for Design & Production Personnel

InCopy for Design & Production Personnel

InCopy for Design & Production Personnel is a spe­cial­ized class that teach­es InDesign users how to work with edi­to­r­i­al InCopy users.

InDesign-based lay­out artists will learn how to pre­pare for and sup­port InCopy users for a smooth work­flow that leaves edi­to­r­i­al respon­si­bil­i­ties in the hands of edi­tors and writ­ers, allow­ing design and pro­duc­tion per­son­nel to focus on their jobs.

What You Will Learn

  • What InCopy is and What it Isn’t
  • How to Help Editorial Personnel Help Themselves and You
  • The 3 Different InDesign and InCopy Collaboration Workflows
  • Placing and Linking to InCopy Files
  • Creating and Managing Assignments
  • Building InCopy Templates for Editorial Personnel
  • Creating InCopy Templates that Style Themselves
  • Controlling Which Features of the Layout InCopy Users Can and Cannot Alter
  • Techniques for Supporting InCopy Users

Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, trainer, guru: Digital Publishing, ePub, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Empowering, Informing, Connecting Creative Professionals™