InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit

InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit

Ever want­ed to put pho­tographs inside text or cre­ate stamped or cutout text for your brochures? How about cre­at­ing cast shad­ows of text for fliers? Making your own hol­i­day cards or invi­ta­tions? Why not cre­ate a col­lage of images inside the shape of a jack-o-lantern, valen­tine, or any shape? In this course you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in just a few easy steps in Adobe InDesign.

We make every train­ing class fun, but our unique Effects for Fun and Profit events are a real blast! They’re all about cool effects and fun, cre­ative tech­niques. Each event is a series of tuto­ri­als that take you through recreating--and hav­ing fun with--creative InDesign Special Effects you can use on the job or at home on per­son­al projects. Every attendee has a good time and learns some­thing new, for begin­ners and advanced InDesign users.

As a class or as a lec­ture, InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit is ide­al for…

  • Corporate par­ties
  • Employee rewards and motivation
  • Celebrations
  • Capping off stan­dard train­ing cours­es and rein­forc­ing pri­or days’ education

InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit is a hands-on, instructor-led ses­sion that can be adapt­ed to fit your timetable. It’s min­i­mum length is 1 hour in lec­ture (non-hands-on) form or as a 2- to 4-hour hands-on course with stu­dents fol­low­ing each tech­nique to cre­ate their own designs.

The below are just some of the effects and tech­niques you can learn in InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit. We have hun­dreds more hands-on effects recipes ready and wait­ing for you!

  • Creating Cast Shadows (Not Drop Shadows, Real Cast Shadows)
  • Filling Text with an Image
  • Filling Text with Multiple Images
  • Creating a Letterpress Effect
  • Creating Illustrative Image Frames in 10 Seconds & with­out the Pen Tool
  • Tinting B&W Images
  • Coloring Text with Gradients
  • Creating Highlighted Text Effects
  • Turning Any Image Frame into a Polaroid
  • Creating Metallic Type
  • And More!

Note that the length you select for the course will alter the num­ber of tech­niques presented--the longer the course, the more tech­niques you can learn.

As a 3-hour hands-on class or as a fun 1-hour lec­ture at your next cor­po­rate retreat, our unique Effects for Fun and Profit events are prac­ti­cal and fun for everyone.

Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, trainer, guru: Digital Publishing, ePub, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Empowering, Informing, Connecting Creative Professionals™