iSpring QuizMaker

iSpring QuizMaker

This iSpring train­ing class will get you up and run­ning with iSpring QuizMaker for PowerPoint, the cus­tomiz­able, impres­sive, mobile-ready quiz build­ing tool that ensures elearn­ing suc­cess. iSpring QuizMaker saves you time and lets you cre­ate sharp surveys. 

After this iSpring QuizMaker train­ing class you will be able to keep your learn­ers engaged with highly-energized con­tent and make quizzes that look remark­able and add vital­i­ty to your elearning.

For Educational Institutions

Cover the edu­ca­tion­al process from top to bot­tom: deliv­er and track your con­tent to your learn­ers via any SCORM/AICC/ Tin Can-compliant LMS.

For Corporate Trainers

Empower your work­force. Conveniently and effi­cient­ly train them on-the-go with mobile-ready tests.

For Marketers

Launch your mar­ket research cam­paigns and allow your sur­veys to pro­vide data-rich, real-time feedback.

What You Will Learn

Build Engaging Quizzes and Surveys for Anyone, Anywhere

  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for Windows
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for Mac
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for iPad
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for iPhone
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for Android
  • Create Quizzes and Surveys for Surface Tablets
  • Create Adaptive Designs That Change With the Screen
  • Publish to HTML5
  • Publish to Flash
  • Upload to Moodle
  • Upload to SCORM Standard LMS
  • Upload to AICC Standard LMS
  • Upload to Blackboard Standard LMS
  • Upload Experience API (Tin Can API) Standard LMS
  • Upload to iSpring Learn LMS

Immense Flexibility Lets You Build Any Quiz or Survey

  • 11 Graded Question Types
  • 12 Survey Question Types
  • Per Question Feedback
  • Wrong Answer Help and Prompts
  • Correct Answer Praise
  • Use Branching Scenarios
  • Jump to Slides Based on Correct and Incorrect Answers
  • Branch to Groups of Additional Questions
  • Branch to Informative Slides
  • Use a Flexible Scoring System
  • Score by Quiz, Group, or Individual Question
  • Set Passing Score Criteria
  • Award Points for Correct Answers
  • Deduct Penalty Points for Wrong Answers
  • Afford Partial Credit for Partial or Incomplete Answers
  • Limit the Number of Attempts Per Question or Quiz
  • Add a Timer
  • Randomize Question Order
  • Randomize Answer Order in Multiple Choice Questions
  • Use Variable Questions Pool
  • Enable or Disable Skipping Over Questions and Returning Later

Design the Perfect Look for Your Audience

  • Select From Pre-Designed Color Schemes or Build Your Own
  • Use Pre-Designed Layouts or Build Your Own
  • Customize Font, Size, and Text Alignment
  • Set Background Color or Background Image for Each Element
  • Apply Animation Effects to Answer Choices 
  • Use Pictures and Equations in Answer Choices
  • Edit Label, Button, and Title Text
  • Add Hyperlinks to Questions and Info SlidesInsert Video from Computer
  • Insert Video from YouTube
  • Insert Video from Vimeo
  • Add Flash SWF and FLV
  • Add Audio and Narration to Questions
  • Add Background Music
  • Insert Images
  • Add Mathematical Equations and Formulas
  • Preview Question, Group, and Entire Quiz

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Pariah Burke

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