Adobe DPS 2015: Designing and Building DPS Apps

Adobe DPS 2015: Designing and Building DPS Apps

Join Pariah Burke to mas­ter the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution sys­tem (Adobe DPS 2015) for enter­prise pub­lish­ing of dynam­ic and inter­ac­tive dig­i­tal mag­a­zines, e-catalogs, and inter­ac­tive elearn­ing expe­ri­ences to iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows.

By the end of this course will be pro­fi­cient in:

  • man­ag­ing projects and team members;
  • adding and design­ing col­lec­tions, lay­outs, and cards;
  • build­ing deploy­able apps for iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, and Windows.

Course Contents

Administering Projects and Personnel

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Project
  • Connecting to App Stores
  • Setting Content Access Options
  • Connecting to an Entitlement Server
  • Integrating Adobe Analytics
  • Choosing Top Level Navigation
  • Editing project Settings
  • Understanding Terminology
  • Administering Users and Permissions
  • Defining and Applying Roles

Working with Content and Collections

  • Adding Articles
  • Defining Social Media Appearance
  • Inserting Advertisements
  • Building a Collection
  • Manually Adding Content to a Collection
  • Filtering Content While Adding to a Collection
  • Nesting Collections with­in Collections
  • Defining Top Level Navigation
  • Preflighting and Testing the App

Designing Cards and Layouts

  • Building Cards
  • Associating Cards to Layouts
  • Connecting Cards and Layouts to Collections
  • Designing Cards
  • Exploring Advanced Card Designs
  • Configuring Multi-Rule Layouts
  • Incorporating Custom Fonts

Building Apps

  • Building an iOS App
  • Building an Android App
  • Building a Windows App
  • Signing Unsigned Apps
  • Next Steps

Pariah Burke

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