InDesign CC Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

InDesign CC Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

Join Pariah Burke as he shows you all the advan­tages of Fixed Layout EPUBS in InDesign. He will show you the best tech­niques for tak­ing advan­tage of engag­ing ele­ments such as ani­ma­tions, video, audio, and much more. Once you com­plete this course, you’ll have the knowl­edge to cre­ate the most advanced, inter­ac­tive eBooks available.

Course Contents

Understanding Fixed-Layout eBooks

  • Introduction
  • Comparing PDF and Reflowable EPUB to Fixed-Layout
  • Fixed-Layout eBook Examples
  • Viewing Fixed-Layout eBooks on Your Computer

Planning a Fixed-Layout eBook

  • Choosing Page Size
  • Using Spreads or Not
  • Planning Text Layout
  • Choosing Type Size
  • Planning Image Sizes
  • Exporting to Fixed-Layout EPUB

Designing Your eBook

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • A Word About Fonts
  • Setting Non-Rectangular Text
  • Wrapping Text Around Shapes
  • Adding Background Images

Incorporating Motion and Sound

  • Adding Playable Audio
  • Adding Ambient Audio and Background Music
  • Including Video
  • Fine-Tuning Videos and Video Animations
  • Linking to Online Videos
  • Using the EPUB Interactivity Preview Panel
  • Introducing Animation
  • Animating Objects
  • Fine-Tuning Animation
  • Editing Animation Motion Paths
  • Timing Multiple Animations

Getting Interactive

  • Learning Button Basics
  • Defining Button Actions and Appearances
  • Using Buttons for Navigation
  • Using Named Destinations
  • Controlling Audio with Buttons
  • Creating Multi-Function Buttons with Show/Hide
  • Adding Pop-ups with Multiple Show/Hide Actions
  • Making a Full Page Hide Button
  • Building Photo Galleries from Multi-State Objects
  • Creating a Full Screen Lightbox Slideshow

Applying Finishing Touches

  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Using Three Kinds of TOCs
  • Building a TOC from Bookmarks
  • Setting Spread and View Options

Going Beyond InDesign

  • Why You Need to Go Beyond InDesign
  • Tools You Might Need
  • Expanding and Compressing EPUB with eCanCrusher
  • Examining the EPUB Contents
  • Overriding Orientation and View Options
  • Readying Your eBook for iBooks and Kobo
  • Readying Your eBook for Kindle
  • Readying Your eBook for NOOK

Creating Read Aloud Narration

  • Understanding Read Aloud / Read Along
  • Tagging Text to Be Read
  • Marking the Audio
  • Adding the Audio to the EPUB
  • Styling Words Being Read

Pariah Burke

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