InDesign CC EPUB Building on the Fundamentals

InDesign CC EPUB Building on the Fundamentals

In this course you will go beyond cre­at­ing text-only EPUBs. Pariah Burke will start off by help­ing you con­vert print book lay­outs to ebook, spec­i­fy­ing sto­ry and imagery order through dif­fer­ent means. Next you will learn how to for­mat and include cov­er images, illus­tra­tions, native InDesign vec­tor objects, and more, and how to con­trol their con­ver­sion and for­mat­ting dur­ing EPUB export. Then you will move into incor­po­rat­ing audio and video into your ebook. Wrapping up the course, you’ll learn how to include hyper­links and spe­cial hyper­links, and all the final for­mat­ting options in InDesign’s EPUB - Reflowable Export Options. Embrace self publishing!

Course Contents

Selecting and Ordering Content Elements

  • What Doesn’t Work When Converting from Print Book to eBook
  • Content Ordering by Placement
  • Anchoring Images and Other Objects
  • Moving Anchored Objects
  • Using the Articles Panel
  • Creating and Using Tags
  • Specifying Order with Tags

Working with Images in eBooks

  • Image File Formats to Use
  • Image Sizes and Resolutions to Use
  • Cover Image Recommendations and Best Practices
  • Controlling Image Conversion During Export
  • Sidebar: Tinting Images in InDesign
  • Using InDesign Shapes, Paths, and Type on a Path in Your eBook
  • Controlling Individual Image Conversion for Export
  • Making Images Automatically Fit Onscreen
  • Making Text Wrap Around Floating Images
  • Advanced Per-Image Size and Fitting Controls
  • Adding ALT Tag Alternate Text to Images

Incorporating Audio and Video into eBooks

  • A Few Words About Audio and Video in eBooks
  • Preparing Audio with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Understanding Audio Bitrates and Quality
  • Creating a New Audio Preset
  • Placing Audio into Your eBook
  • Setting Audio Playing Behavior
  • Sizing the Audio Controller
  • Preparing Video with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Placing Video into Your eBook
  • Adding a Poster Image and Controlling Video Playing

Applying the Finishing Touches

  • Creating Hyperlinks
  • Automatically Converting Hyperinks
  • Creating Special Hyperlinks
  • The Text Pane of EPUB - Reflowable Export Options
  • The CSS Pane of EPUB - Reflowable Export Options
  • The Javascript and Metadata Panes of EPUB - Reflowable Export Options

Pariah Burke

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