InDesign CC: Mastering Documents with Pariah Burke

InDesign CC: Mastering Documents with Pariah Burke

More than 25 tips, tech­niques, and secrets of the InDesign mas­ters for mas­ter­ing doc­u­ment cre­ation, edit­ing, and output!

Watch these 1-5 minute videos à la carte to mas­ter InDesign documents.

This on-going course from Pariah Burke will give you dozens of tips, tricks, and tech­niques to help you mas­ter work­ing with InDesign doc­u­ments, includ­ing pages, spreads, lay­ers, col­ors, and much, much more.

Course Contents

  1. Starting A Document On A Left-Hand Page
  2. Creating Spreads With More Than Two Pages
  3. Making Multiple Page Sizes in One Document
  4. Changing Margins On Only Some Pages
  5. Rotating Spreads for Calendars and Other Vertical Spreads
  6. Copying and Moving Pages Between Documents
  7. Turning the Pages Panel into a Proofing Tool
  8. Color Coding Pages Panel Pages for Organization and Workflow
  9. Opening Multiple Views of the Same Document for Design and Proofing
  10. Making the Pages Panel a Horizontal Tool
  11. Printing from the Pages Panel
  12. Overriding All Master Page Items on the Spread
  13. Overriding Doesn’t Mean Completely Detaching
  14. Applying and Reapplying Master Pages to Many Pages At Once
  15. Basing Master Pages on Other Master Pages
  16. Converting Document Pages to Master Pages
  17. Strategies for Naming Master Pages
  18. Keeping Master Page Page Numbers Atop Document Pages
  19. Isolating Layer Visibility with One Click
  20. Locking and Unlocking All Other Layers with One Click
  21. Replacing One Color with Another Throughout An Entire Document
  22. Replacing One Color With Another Throughout An Entire Document Delete Spot Swatch
  23. Picking Colors from Images and Apply to Other Objects
  24. Generating Color Themes from Images with Color Theme Tool
  25. Changing Document Color Space and Whether You Should
  26. Over-the-Shoulder Proofing with Presentation Mode
  27. Changing Preview Mode’s Background Color
  28. Fixing Corrupt InDesign Documents
  29. Automatically Creating IDML and PDF Document Versions in One Operation

Pariah Burke

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