InDesign CC: Mastering Objects with Pariah Burke

InDesign CC: Mastering Objects with Pariah Burke

More than 40 tips, tech­niques, and secrets of the InDesign mas­ters for work­ing with images, shapes, swatch­es, Gridify, and every type of object!

Watch these 1-5 minute videos à la carte to mas­ter work­ing with objects in InDesign.

This on-going course from Pariah Burke will give you dozens of tips, tricks, and tech­niques to help you mas­ter work­ing with objects in InDesign. Don’t miss Pariah’s oth­er Mastering InDesign series courses.

Course Contents

  1. Embedding Images
  2. Relinking Embedded Images
  3. Extracting or Unembedding Embedded Images
  4. Determining Is It Vector Or Is It Raster?
  5. Copying the Path of Missing Links
  6. Editing Original in Batch
  7. Using Tints
  8. Creating Tint Swatches
  9. Recoloring Tint-Colored Publications
  10. Tinting Greyscale Images
  11. Convert Clipping Paths To Frames
  12. Reversing Paths Instead of Redrawing
  13. Corner Options on Arrows and Other Paths
  14. Using all the Different Copy, Duplicate, and Paste Commands
  15. Speeding Duplication with Step and Repeat
  16. Working with Gridify Behaviors
  17. Using Gridify on Different Types of Objects
  18. Controlling Gridified Elements’ Gap Size
  19. Using the Gap Tool
  20. Aligning and Distributing Objects and Spacing
  21. Aligning to a Key Object
  22. Single-Click Selecting All Objects On Layer
  23. Creating Two-For-One Guides
  24. Placing Guides On Pages Or On Spreads
  25. Anchoring Objects to Wrap Lines They’re On
  26. Locking Objects
  27. Relocating the Rotation and Shear Axis
  28. Transforming Again and Again Individually
  29. Transforming Again With Multiple Transformations
  30. Suppressing Printing of Placeholder Items
  31. Designing Custom Stroke Styles
  32. Coloring Stroke Gaps
  33. Drawing Triangles
  34. Drawing Starbursts and Seals
  35. Putting an Image Inside Text
  36. Realistic Drop Shadows: Drop Shadow Settings
  37. Realistic Drop Shadows: Shadow Color
  38. Realistic Drop Shadows: Add Noise
  39. Realistic Drop Shadows: Position
  40. Understanding and Changing Global Light
  41. Knowing When Not To Use Global Light
  42. Copying Effects to Other Objects

Pariah Burke

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