InDesign CC: Publish Online

InDesign CC: Publish Online

Publish Online is a dis­tri­b­u­tion medi­um for InDesign doc­u­ments of all types, for many pur­pos­es. It oper­ates from with­in InDesign but with a web com­po­nent that makes your cho­sen doc­u­ments view­able by any­one in the world with a web brows­er and desk­top or mobile Internet connection.

Many design­ers use Publish Online as a means of send­ing proofs, sketch­es, and iter­a­tions of doc­u­ments to clients for review and approval, with­out the mutu­al frus­tra­tions of walk­ing non-tech-savvy clients through open­ing PDF or EPUB proofs in the cor­rect application.

Publishers and design­ers also use Publish Online as a dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nel for final pub­li­ca­tions, pub­li­ca­tions that can be viewed by an invit­ed group or the entire world.

Publish Online doc­u­ments can be viewed online using Adobe’s min­i­mal, distraction-free view­er, or embed­ded in any web­site, blog, or dig­i­tal portfolio.

In this 45-minute course, I’m going to show you all of that and how easy and fast it is to pub­lish any InDesign doc­u­ment online.

Course Contents


  • Introduction
  • What Is Publish Online?
  • Examples of Publish Online Documents

Designing for Publish Online

  • Starting a New Document
  • Converting a Print Publication
  • Using Interactivity
  • Adding an Animation

Publishing Online

  • Exporting to Publish Online
  • Publishing Online While Exporting to Other Media
  • Viewing on a Computer
  • Viewing on Mobile
  • Sharing Online
  • Using Your Dashboard

Publishing Beyond Publish Online

  • Embedding into a Website
  • Using a Cleaner Embedded Document
  • Incorporating a Downloadable PDF
  • Creating a Custom PDF Preset

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