Creative Community Bulletin 18 September 2013

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • DPS Delivers Standardized Metrics to Magazine Publishers

    Adobe is excit­ed to announce that four stan­dard audi­ence metrics—as defined by the mag­a­zine industry—are now avail­able direct­ly from with­in Digital Publishing Suite.

    Adobe has been active­ly par­tic­i­pat­ing in the DESI project—the Digital Editions Standardization Initiative—led by the MPA (the Association of Magazine Media) and sup­port­ed by a task force made up of lead­ing pub­lish­ers, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) and oth­er tech­nol­o­gy providers. This group has come togeth­er with the com­mon goal of cre­at­ing accu­rate and con­sis­tent industry-wide bench­mark­ing of dig­i­tal edi­tions for pub­lish­ers and the adver­tis­ing com­mu­ni­ty. These met­rics will allow pub­lish­ers to estab­lish even greater val­ue inher­ent to their dig­i­tal con­tent and major brands to fac­tor dig­i­tal edi­tions into their adver­tis­ing strate­gies with accel­er­at­ed con­fi­dence.”

  • 7 Useful Git Tips for Beginners (For Coders)

    Today, I can’t imag­ine life with­out Git. Git not only gave me a much-needed abil­i­ty to version-control my work, it also made me a bet­ter pro­gram­mer.

    Here’s a series of sim­ple tips that will help you make Git an impor­tant part of your web devel­op­ment work­flow.”

  • Script your first Adobe Generator plu­g­in for Photoshop
    “Today we have released an update to Photoshop CC that includes Adobe Generator. Read the announce­ment here.

    Adobe Generator is a Node.js based serv­er plugged into Photoshop via Kevlar API (ExtendScript). Generator is also open-sourced on GitH…

  • Elemental Photo Manipulations: Fire

    “Elemental Photo Manipulations” is a four-part series high­light­ing amaz­ing art­work com­bin­ing pho­tog­ra­phy with Photoshop in sur­re­al, mind-bending, and some­times star­tling ways. Ignite your imag­i­na­tion with this first install­ment, “Fire,” then return to CreativePro​.com every two weeks for “Earth,” “Air,” and “Water.””

  • Mesmerizing Photographs Of Stars Bursting In The Night Sky

    Recently, Harris added a new col­lec­tion to his reper­toire and it’s just as breath­tak­ing. In this series, the stars seem to erupt against a galac­tic night sky in a stun­ning pyrotech­nic dis­play. ”

  • Studio Visit: Studio Moross (Kate Moross)
    “From vibrant illus­tra­tions to sexed-up music videos, how this London orig­i­nal tack­les the cre­ative indus­try at large”
  • Interview: Odile Decq, Maison & Objet’s Designer of the Year

    The Maison & Objet’s Designer of the Year on her rock­’n’roll atti­tude and tran­si­tion­ing from archi­tec­ture to [indus­tri­al] design”

  • Dropbox Simplifies Its Brand
    “Drew, our co-founder and CEO, cre­at­ed the first Dropbox logo­type in 2007 (yep, an engi­neer who can wield Adobe Photoshop!) And since then, our logos and brand have evolved as Dropbox has spread to more plat­forms.

  • The Personal and Technical Skills Web (and Other) Designers Need
    “A web design­er is a per­son that designs the web­site from scratch to an end, by con­sid­er­ing all the major require­ments and need of the client. All the major require­ments of the site like information/requirement gath­er­ing, design­ing, cod­ing, tes…
  • When To Wear Your Wonder Woman Knickers (Advice for Professional Women)
    “Every minute of every day dur­ing my Wonder Woman time is allo­cat­ed to some­thing whether it be me actu­al­ly work­ing on the orchard or orga­niz­ing some­one to pick up sup­plies and this is an impor­tant part of ensur­ing suc­cess. Bang, bang, bang, eve…
  • How to Install the Evernote Web Clipper into Safari on iOS (iPad and iPhone) #Evernote

    We will need to cre­ate a book­mark and then go back and edit the book­mark to include the JavaScript code for the Evernote book­marklet. The steps that we will be fol­low­ing are sim­i­lar to the oth­er tuto­ri­als on this web­site – only we will be insert­ing the code for Evernote.”

  • Helvetica Reimagined as a Hotel
    “Designer Albert Son has reimag­ined the Helvetica font as a hotel, cre­at­ing this beau­ti­ful brand­ing in the process”
  • The designer’s guide to mod­ern poster design

    In a pre­dom­i­nant­ly dig­i­tal world, the inter­na­tion­al poster scene is chang­ing – but found­ing edi­tor of Eye mag­a­zine Rick Poynor thinks the tra­di­tion­al poster can still pack a con­sid­er­able punch.

  • Movie Typography: The Way Way Back, Pacific Rim, Only God Forgives, Blue Jasmine

    The typo­graph­ic treat­ment reminds me of the cre­ative and taste­ful typog­ra­phy for Gone Baby Gone, as point­ed out by John D. Berry on his blog Easily Amused. Here the (ultra) con­densed styles of Univers grad­u­al­ly increase in weight with each new word, giv­ing them more flow and tex­ture. The mir­rored columns at the top – flush right for the actors and flush left for the movie title – are well-balanced. Their per­fect­ly cen­tral posi­tion cre­ates an inter­est­ing ver­ti­cal axis that fans out in Liam James’ pos­ture. This effect is enhanced by the sub­tly mir­rored loca­tion of the adult stars, even in the clothes they are wear­ing. I love posters that are far clev­er­er than they seem at first sight and reveal more and more secrets with every exam­i­na­tion.”

  • How To Sort A List Randomly In Excel

    Have a list of names in a spread­sheet and want to sort them into a ran­dom order? There’s no native func­tion to do that in Excel, but you can achieve it with a lit­tle ran­dom num­ber gen­er­a­tion. Here’s how I do it.

    Sorting names ran­dom­ly can be use­ful (for instance if you’re assign­ing tasks or pick­ing a com­pe­ti­tion win­ner). This prob­a­bly isn’t the most sophis­ti­cat­ed way to do it, but it works. Assuming your list of names is already in Excel, fol­low these steps.”

  • How Little “Nudges” In The Supermarket Could Encourage People To Eat Better
    “Instead of man­dat­ing that peo­ple eat more healthy foods, what if our super­mar­kets were designed to sub­tly push them to mak­ing the right deci­sion them­selves.”
  • The Reasons Behind the Importance We Place on Seeing Eyes During Human Interactions
    “Have you ever won­dered what it is about the eyes that make them so impor­tant in com­mu­ni­ca­tion?”
  • Digital Publishing Awards Honors Apps and Ads Made With Abobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

    ” There’s lit­tle ques­tion the iPad will play an inte­gral role in the future of pub­lish­ing (and, in fact, it already does). Tablet own­er­ship near­ly dou­bled this year ver­sus last year, with 34 per­cent of adults own­ing one, accord­ing to Pew Research. Fueled by the device’s soar­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty, cre­atives have pushed the bound­aries of design and inno­va­tion. Adweek and Adobe rec­og­nize this pub­lish­ing rev­o­lu­tion, and this year launched the Digital Publishing Awards, hon­or­ing notable apps and ads made using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (which Adweek also uses to pro­duce its own iPad edi­tion) and relat­ed soft­ware. The pan­el of judges was com­prised of Josh Klenert, direc­tor of user expe­ri­ence and design at The Huffington Post; Nick Mrozowski, exec­u­tive cre­ative direc­tor at Adweek; Carol Wells, design direc­tor at Adweek; and Joe Zeff, pres­i­dent of Joe Zeff Design. Here’s a look at the inau­gur­al win­ners. Try not to be jeal­ou”

  • Scrabble Introduces An Upgraded Edition Of Its Typography Set
    “Featuring 15 new fonts, this hand­some sec­ond edi­tion of Scrabble Typography will be sure to set the hearts of typog­ra­phy lovers aflut­ter with its styl­ish pack­ag­ing and great fea­tures. ”
  • An Oral History Of Apple Design: 2000
    “If there is one thing that CEO Tim Cook does­n’t want peo­ple to know, it’s what dwells behind his com­pa­ny’s “sig­na­ture.” As a result, most efforts to explain design at Apple end up reduc­ing a com­plex 37-year his­to­ry to bro­mides about sim­plic­i­ty…
  • Top 10 Tricks for a Healthier, High-Energy Workday
    Working at an office can be sur­pris­ing­ly unhealthy. Between sit­ting all day, eat­ing poor­ly, and endur­ing never-ending stress, your office can take a few years off your life. Here’s how to stay healthy and ener­getic at the office (and make the d…
  • Everyday Quotes Replaced With The Word ‘Design’ To Highlight Its Importance

    Highlighted in posters, these quotes are real idioms replaced with the word “design”, to give it a dif­fer­ent mean­ing that’s rel­e­vant to design. ”

  • Your Personal Brand: Give Yourself An Audit
    “If I said to you “what is the first thing you think about when I men­tion Donald Trump”, what would you say? Now do the same for Hugh Hefner? How about Miley Cyrus? Oprah?”
  • 50 Essential WordPress Plugins You Should Know
    “In this arti­cle, I have com­piled a list of WordPress plu­g­ins that WordPress users might find a use for. Instead of search­ing in the Internet jun­gle, take your pick from the list of plu­g­ins below. The plu­g­ins are free unless stat­ed oth­er­wise.”
  • Will The Formula For Amazon’s Success Carry Over To The Washington Post?
  • iPhone 5C will sell more 5S mod­els than the iPhone 5 ever would have
    “Perhaps the design of the 5C is intend­ed to push buy­ers into throw­ing down an extra $100 to get the only viably professional-looking iPhone. Under this sce­nario, the 5C exists, to an extent, to ush­er all but the most casu­al users into the arms…
  • Op-ed: How patent trolls doomed them­selves by tar­get­ing Main Street

    But that troll may have gone one step too far. This was­n’t Webtech’s first patent asser­tion letter—the com­pa­ny had received sev­en over the last two years—but this one was too much. The patent accu­sa­tions con­sumed a large amount of man­age­ment time. Also, Webtech had lost two con­tracts each worth a mil­lion dol­lars because its cus­tomers want­ed to be pro­tect­ed against patent suits. Because patent lit­i­ga­tion is so expen­sive, Webtech could not afford to indem­ni­fy them.”

  • Why Some People Have No Boundaries Online

    One is our bound­ary pref­er­ences: are we inte­gra­tors or seg­men­tors? If you’re an inte­gra­tor, you like to build bridges between your pro­fes­sion­al and per­son­al lives. Integrators strive to blend their jobs with their lives out­side work—they’re eager to talk about their kids at work, don’t mind bring­ing their work home, and hap­py to share the same infor­ma­tion with col­leagues as fam­i­ly and friends.”

  • Amazon Launches Kindle Reader With Goodreads Integration
  • Why I’m Finished Defending Sexism In Tech

    Despite all of this, I con­tin­ued to defened the sta­tus quo. I want­ed to just drink scotch with my guy friends and build soft­ware. I’m done now. I did­n’t want to think about gen­der issues but the alter­na­tive is tit and dick jokes at our indus­try’s most respect­ed events. ”

  • Korea Will Soon Be Home to the World’s First Invisible Skyscraper

    The vision­ar­ies behind the project, GDS Architects, will make the tow­er appear “invis­i­ble” using an LED façade sys­tem with opti­cal cam­eras to dis­play what’s direct­ly behind the build­ing. When turned on, the “reflec­tive skin” of the build­ing will give the illu­sion that Tower Infinity is blend­ing in with the sky­line.”

  • Twitter Is Going Public, Files S-1 With SEC on Thursday

    Count to 10 and let’s hope the damn thing leaks right away. We don’t know much, but expect Twitter to go pub­lic at a val­u­a­tion of between $15 bil­lion and $20 bil­lion, rough­ly. Its last pri­vate mon­ey came in at around a $10 bil­lion val­u­a­tion, and those investors will want a return on their funds.

    Facebook’s IPO, for com­par­i­son, val­ued the social giant at around $100 bil­lion on the day of its flota­tion. The irony here is that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg yes­ter­day at Disrupt told the world that it should not be afraid of going pub­lic. And today, in keep­ing with his advice, Twitter made this spe­cif­ic bit of news.”

  • What Makes a Good Gesture Control #UX #UI

    Don Norman, a renowned cog­ni­tive sci­en­tist and author of The Design of Everyday Things, would like­ly say that if most humans are not using the ges­tures on smarth­phones to their potential—and smart­phones were made to be used by humans—we should con­sid­er it a flaw in the phones’ design (because there’s very lit­tle we can do about the flaws in humans).”

  • Using Adobe tools out­side the “core” #edu #high­ered

    However, I want­ed some­thing that could be a lit­tle eas­i­er and more approach­able for a teacher new to using tech­nol­o­gy – espe­cial­ly our tech­nol­o­gy, so Steve and I decid­ed that part of our project would be to cre­ate the time­lapse using Photoshop CC video tools, which are more lim­it­ing than Première, but also much less intim­i­dat­ing for a new­com­er. We also want­ed our end result to go beyond a sin­gle appli­ca­tion or goal. We asked our­selves, what else can we do, how can we round this out, expand on that one sin­gle time­lapse and cre­ate a col­lec­tion of assets around this theme?”

  • Hashtags Make Your Facebook Posts Less Likely To Go Viral
  • The evo­lu­tion of data stor­age #info­graph­ic
    “The evo­lu­tion of data stor­age #info­grafia #info­graph­ic”
  • 7 Services to Find and Reserve Your Name Across the Web
    “These sev­en ser­vices search the avail­abil­i­ty of your user­name on mul­ti­ple sites at the same time, and many also offer the option to cre­ate your pro­file on each of the sites they search for a fee. If you’re aim­ing to uni­fy your per­son­al or bran…
  • How to Choose an eCommerce Payment Gateway

    To be in busi­ness, you must sell things. To sell things, mon­ey must change hands. For mon­ey to change hands, you need a way of accept­ing pay­ments.
    That’s what a pay­ment gate­way is for. A pay­ment gate­way allows you to:”

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