Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 26 October 2015

The day’s best and most impor­tant design- and design business-focused arti­cles, tuto­ri­als, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • 8 Tips for Running a Virtual Meeting Like a Rockstar
    Many com­pa­nies, like us, now have dis­persed team mem­bers. We love the free­dom to hire amaz­ing peo­ple regard­less of where they live. As a man­ag­er, how­ev­er, how do you run meet­ings like a rock­star when your entire team is not around the same phys…
  • Make smart design deci­sions for wear­ables
    Sensory UX prin­ci­ples will help you com­mu­ni­cate mes­sages to your users via the sense of touch.Tags: UX UI Design Wearables
  • Use this Free Photoshop Template to Freak Out Your Facebook Friends
    With Halloween on the way, now is the time to start shar­ing spooky pho­tos on Facebook. Here’s how to freak out your friends!
  • 10 Productivity Apps Every Freelancer Needs

    he good news? You don’t have to go it alone. In today’s dig­i­tal­ly pow­ered world, online tools abound that can address a great many of the typ­i­cal freelancer’s pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, work­flow, orga­ni­za­tion­al, and intel­lec­tu­al needs. A well-curated selec­tion of apps, web­sites, and soft­ware pro­vides addi­tion­al arrows in your cre­ative quiver—not to men­tion san­i­ty. To help you refresh your work­flow, we’ve curat­ed 10 apps that have cap­tured our atten­tion:


  • The Strongest El Niño in Decades Is Going to Mess With Everything
    It has choked Singapore with smoke, trig­gered Pacific typhoons and left Vietnamese cof­fee grow­ers star­ing ner­vous­ly at dwin­dling reser­voirs. In Africa, cocoa farm­ers are blam­ing it for bad har­vests, and in the Americas, it has Argentines brac­ing for l…
  • Pandora investors are los­ing faith in its abil­i­ty to com­pete
    The stream­ing music ser­vice says rev­enue is grow­ing strong­ly, but its costs are ris­ing even faster.Tags: Pandora Spotify AppleMusic
  • The won­der­ful, true sto­ry of the ERMAHGERD meme
    “GERSBERMS. MAH FRAVRIT BERKS” -- and a meme was born.The meme was pret­ty much per­fect, a super-awkward tween frozen in a moment of crazy nerding-out over some super-awkward tween books. Combine that with the word­play in which every vow­el sound is “st…
  • A $750 Pill And Its Brash Owner Get Competition — And It Costs $1
    Turing Pharmaceuticals, a months-old biotech start­up that is large­ly financed by its 32-year-old founder and CEO Martin Shkreli, sparked wide­spread out­rage..
  • 7 tips for get­ting paid more as a design­er
    Nail salary nego­ti­a­tions with this handy guide to get­ting a pay rise.Tags: Entrepreneur Freelance Design
  • How to Design Great Infographics – How University

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Recognize basic styles of info­graph­ics, and how to choose the right one for the project
    • Create a “flow” for the content—enabling the user to grasp small­er chunks of information—by focus­ing on place­ment, col­or and size
    • Apply col­or & con­trast prin­ci­ples to your info­graph­ics, to empha­size con­tent, design on-brand and avoid dis­trac­tions for the user
    • Choose type­faces that enhance your info­graph­ics by increas­ing read­abil­i­ty and add style
    • Design your own info­graph­ic


  • When You Should Design “Badly” On Purpose
    Try design­ing a mock­up in which you make all the wrong deci­sions on pur­pose. You may find it strange­ly productive.Tags: Design GraphicDesign
  • If You Want To Write, You Can
    Fear stops most peo­ple from writ­ing, not lack of tal­ent, what­ev­er that is. Tags: Writing AmWriting self­pub epub
  • These Are the Best Wildlife Photographs of 2015
    London’s Natural History Museum has just pub­lished the win­ners of its pres­ti­gious Wildlife Photographer of the Year com­pe­ti­tion — and the images are as spec­tac­u­lar as always.


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