Design Your Own Business: Episode 1

Design Your Own Business: Episode 1

Design Your Own Business is a month­ly Internet tele­vi­sion show for free­lancers, the self-employed, and small busi­ness own­ers with a focus on, but not exclu­sive­ly for, design­ers and the cre­ative professions.

Watch the January 7th episode above or on YouTube.

Below: read the show notes, learn about the guests, and explore the links and apps dis­cussed dur­ing the show below.

Topics Discussed this Episode

In this episode host Pariah Burke and guests dis­cuss the fol­low­ing topics:

  • How to suc­ceed in a world of $5 logo designs and $10 brochure layouts
  • In a world with iOS and Android do Windows Tablets like Microsoft Surface matter? 
    • Who will use them?
    • Can they run Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator?
    • Should design­ers or free­lancers run out and get one?
    • Do dig­i­tal pub­lish­ers need to con­sid­er Microsoft Surface devices when design­ing dig­i­tal pub­li­ca­tions in InDesign?
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Decoded 
    • Do my appli­ca­tions live in the cloud?
    • What if Adobe increas­es month­ly pricing?
    • Is an always-on Internet con­nec­tion needed?
    • But I want to own my software!
  • Guests’ Can’t-Work-Without Mobile and Web Apps
  • Q&A from the Audience

Guests on this Episode


Sally Cox

Specializes in eLearning, design and Adobe train­ing. Started kreat​able​.com in 2009.


Dave Cross

Photoshop Educator since 1990 and mem­ber of the Photoshop Hall of Fame.


Clint Funk

Adobe Product Specialist con­trac­tor sup­port­ing the resellers with an exten­sive back­ground in soft­ware, print pro­duc­tion, and photography.


Bob Levine

Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign and InCopy. Partner with Scott Citron in dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing provider Tabulous​.net.


Pariah Burke

Author, con­sul­tant, print & dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing expert, graph­ic design and design busi­ness advisor.

Links and Apps Mentioned this Episode

During the show the guests and Pariah dis­cussed the fol­low­ing links and apps:

Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, trainer, guru: Digital Publishing, ePub, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Empowering, Informing, Connecting Creative Professionals™