InlineMerge Script for Current InDesign CC

Loic Aignon wrote the amaz­ing­ly use­ful InDesign script, InlineMerge.jsxbin, which, when added to InDesign’s Scripts Panels fold­er, en­ables us­ing Data Merge to merge mul­ti­ple records in­to the same sto­ry, in­clud­ing in­line im­ages. Data Merge can’t do that on its own,…

Brand Style Guide Template

As seen in my Pluralsight course, Creating a Brand Style Guide, and in the ar­ti­cles, whitepa­per, and we­bi­nar I re­cent­ly cre­at­ed in co­op­er­a­tion with Extensis, you can down­load the free, royalty-free brand style guide tem­plate you can use to cre­ate your…