Figuring Out Saving to Specific Wunderlist Lists

Wunderlist is a fantastic cross-platform to do and list-making app, but it's so secular that getting tasks and items into it can be a giant pain for those who truly want to be productive. I'm trying to find a way to work around Wunderlist's self-imposed isolation.

300+ Free Halloween Fonts (2015 Edition)

Speaking as a designer, Halloween is my favorite annual hol­i­day. Creative pros can have more fun with Halloween designs than with projects tar­geted to any other time of year. Maybe that’s why there are more Halloween-themed and -inspired type­faces than…
99 Ways to Type 'I Love You' with Free Valentine's Day Fonts

99 Free Valentine's Day Fonts (2015 Edition)

I romanced every free font resource, sam­pled every heart-shaped box of choco­latey type treats, and arranged this bou­quet of 99 ways to type “I love you.” Below you will find 99 Valentine’s Day and love-inspired fontsand they’re all
Fill InDesign's Fixed-Layout EPUB Gaps with CircularFLO

Fill InDesign's Fixed-Layout EPUB Gaps with CircularFLO

InDesign is the world’s greatest layout application, but to be the world’s greatest ebook creation platform—especially for fixed-layout ebooks—it needs the help of CircularFLO. With CircularFLO, the options for creating fixed-layout ebooks for all genres and ebookstores are wide open.
Is? Do the Math: New Designers Save Big on Creative Cloud

Do the Math: New Designers Save Big on Creative Cloud

Hadley is a newly minted designer who grad­u­ated this year with a B.A. in design. Afternoons and evenings she pulls taps at a local bar to earn a pay­check. Mornings she spends comb­ing Monster​.com, DesignJobsLive​.com, and var­i­ous temp agency sites…
Is 2023 the year Mickey Mouse enters the public domain?

Mickey Mouse to Be Public Domain in 2023?

Now that Sherlock Holmesboth the char­ac­ter and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s orig­i­nal sto­rieshas been offi­cially declared to be in the pub­lic domain, some­one asked on Facebook when Mickey Mouse would enter the pub­lic domain. Being that…