InDesign CC Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

Join Pariah Burke as he shows you all the advan­tages of Fixed Layout EPUBS in InDesign. He will show you the best tech­niques for tak­ing advan­tage of engag­ing ele­ments such as ani­ma­tions, video, audio, and much more. Once you com­plete this course, you’ll have the knowl­edge to cre­ate the most advanced, inter­ac­tive eBooks available.

Fill InDesign's Fixed-Layout EPUB Gaps with CircularFLO

InDesign is the world’s great­est lay­out appli­ca­tion, but to be the world’s great­est ebook cre­ation platform—especially for fixed-layout ebooks—it needs the help of CircularFLO. With CircularFLO, the options for cre­at­ing fixed-layout ebooks for all gen­res and ebook­stores are wide open.