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Free Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheets for InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, and Photoshop CC

Free, Printable Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheets for Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC

Proficiency and productivity in applications with the ability and features of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator require the use of keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Without them, designers spend too much time and energy searching for oft-needed commands on menus, submenus, panels, and panel menus. Fortunately, Adobe built into its Creative Cloud applications a great many keyboard shortcuts to avoid just that type of wasted time and effort. Learning those hotkeys and shortcuts, however, can be a chore unto itself. That’s exactly why I created these free, printable cheatsheets. Take them. Print them. Use them to save yourself and time and frustration. Use them to help you be more productive and more creative.

Each multi-page PDF is fully printable at 300 DPI resolution. Moreover, each is free–a gift from me to you. And you should also feel free to regift them–send them to your teammates, colleagues, students, and friends. Of course, I hope you’ll send others to this page to download the cheatsheets (so everyone gets the latest version), but you’re also welcome to distribute the PDFs directly (unaltered, of course).

Download printable Creative Cloud keyboard shortcut cheatsheets. Right-click and choose Save Target As or Save Link As.

Adobe InDesign CC for Mac Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (228 KB, 4 Pages)

Adobe InDesign CC for Windows Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (265 KB, 5 Pages)

Adobe Illustrator CC for Mac Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (161 KB, 2 Pages)

Adobe Illustrator CC for Windows Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (160 KB, 2 Pages)

Adobe Photoshop CC for Windows Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (162 KB, 2 Pages)

Adobe Photoshop CC for Mac Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet (162 KB, 2 Pages)

Want the CS6 Version Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheets? They’re here.

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13 Responses

  1. Thupten says:

    Dear friends
    I am very happy to read your site which brought me much happiness. last time I have print out the Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheets for Photoshop which is really very useful to me as a beginner. This time I also would like to download the Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheets for Indesign but i could not download directly as before because they asked me a password but I don’t know what password so could you kindly help me to guide. Sorry for my poor English.
    Best wishes and loves from Thupten,Tibet

    • Hi, Thupten.

      I’m sorry you had difficulty, but I’m not able to replicate the problem. Both the Mac and Windows InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheets download fine, without a password prompt, for myself and several others running on many browsers and devices. Perhaps you could try downloading from another browser or clear the cache on your current browser and try again?


      Pariah Burke

  2. Marie says:

    I downloaded it just fine but when I try to print, export, etc I cannot because it is asking for a password.

  3. Gautam says:

    Thanks a million Pariah. Great effort.

  4. Kevin Lipp says:

    I too am having problems, the PDFs are password protected.

  5. Arunima09 says:

    Can’t print the files, asking for a password.

  6. Pijush Bhowmik says:

    I need password