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Who Are the Artists Featured in Adobe CC 2014 Splash Screens?

Meet all 11 artists whose work is front and center in the 13 Creative Cloud 2014 application splash screens.

When Adobe debuted the 2014 Creative Cloud release the company behind the tools used and loved by artists and designers all over the world brought the work of the world’s artists directly into the branding of Adobe’s tools in a new way, in a way that proves Adobe’s commitment to the creatives who use its products.

In versions past Adobe has commissioned art from professional artists and incorporated the resulting work into the box art or totems of the individual products. You can see below those totems overlaid with their matching application mnemonic icons the original cohesive identity of Creative Cloud. These images branded Creative Cloud and CC-version Adobe applications from their debut in the Spring of 2012 until their official retirement in the Summer of 2014.

The 2012 and 2013 branding of Creative Cloud featured box and totem artwork commissioned from artists around the world.

The 2012 and 2013 branding of Creative Cloud featured box and totem artwork commissioned from artists around the world.

Now, with the launch of the Creative Cloud 2014 release in June 2014, Adobe has once again rebranded its creator-centric tools with uncommissioned artwork by creators. That artwork from real-world artists is incorporated directly inside CC applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and others. Adobe users are now part of the software in the most literal sense to date, with the product splash screens–those colorful identity screens that appear while the program launches–displaying real, pre-existing works from artists’ and designers’ portfolios. In all, thirteen applications display artwork selected by Adobe curators from amongst the millions of pieces on Adobe’s creator community, the Behance Network. Thus the splash screens become a gallery of creatives’ artwork–a gallery in which any Behance Network member might find her or his artwork featured in subsequent months.

Who are the artists featured in the current gallery exhibit within Adobe CC 2014 application splash screens? How can we explore more of these talented individuals’ artwork?

Those are the questions I wanted answered. So I did.

Eleven artists created the thirteen beautiful splash screens currently on display in the Creative Cloud 2014-version Adobe application virtual gallery. I tracked down each of those artists and linked to his or her full Behance portfolio so that we can all be inspired by the full breadth of the artists’ work.

Kylli Sparre
Tallinn, Estonia

Photoshop, Creative Cloud 2014

The art of Kylli Sparre


Premiere Pro & Audition
Holger Lippmann
Berlin, Germany

Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud 2014

Audition, Creative Cloud 2014



Patrick Seymour
Montreal, Canada

Adobe Illustrator, Creative Cloud 2014



After Effects
Berlin, Germany

After Effects, Creative Cloud 2014



InDesign & InCopy
Shakoor Bukhuth
Rose Hill, Mauritius

InDesign, Creative Cloud 2014

InCopy, Creative Cloud 2014



Adobe Muse
Črtomir Just
Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Adobe Muse, Creative Cloud 2014



Atelier Olschinsky
Vienna, Austria

Dreamweaver, Creative Cloud 2014



Flash Professional
Nick Taylor
Oxford, United Kingdom

Flash Professional, Creative Cloud 2014



Sara Lehtomaa
Turku, Finland

SpeedGrade, Creative Cloud 2014



Sebastián Andaur
Santiago, Chile

Adobe Prelude, Creative Cloud 2014



Adobe Media Encoder
James Gilleard
London, United Kingdom

Adobe Media Encoder, Creative Cloud 2014



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