Creative Community Bulletin 22 April 2009 Through 24 April 2009

These are the ar­ti­cles, blogs, and re­sources I found in­ter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 22 April 2009 through 24 April 2009:

  • 5978 High Quality Icons for Web, Apps – This is be­yond ques­tion the largest sup­ply of free icons ever pub­lished in one ar­ti­cle. With this ex­ceed­ing­ly mas­sive sup­ply, your icon so­lu­tions for web­sites and Apps are pret­ty much end­less! Ranging from file types to gad­gets, Mac icons to Firefox orbs, RSS feeds and even race cars. Yes, even race cars.
  • From Design Into Print » Spot or Process #1
  • 5 Twitter Tools You Should Be Using – Blog by Jon Bishop – I thought I would share my list of Twitter tools I think should be in everyone's book­marks. These tools im­prove the qual­i­ty and pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of my ac­count by
  • Commentwitter Plugin Page – Commentwitter is a WordPress plug­in that gives com­menters the op­tion of Tweeting their com­ment with a link to your post.
  • I ♥ wire­frames
  • Twitter Caps Following Limits, Denting Auto-Follow Services
  • 20 Excellent Plugins for Safari | Webdesigner Depot – Each browser comes with its own set of ad­van­tages and fea­tures and one of the great­est ben­e­fits of Firefox has been the abil­i­ty to ful­ly cus­tomize it through the use of plu­g­ins and add-ons.

    This fea­ture is es­pe­cial­ly im­por­tant for those of you us­ing Mac OS X, when de­cid­ing whether to pick one of the two heavy­weights: Firefox or Safari.

    But Safari ac­tu­al­ly does sup­port plu­g­ins. While the choice is nowhere near as ex­ten­sive as that of Firefox, there is still a good va­ri­ety of them to choose from.

    Here’s a list of 20 use­ful plu­g­ins for Safari for OS X.

  • How to Run IE8 Beta, IE7 and IE6 On The Same PC? – Internet Explorer Collection is a handy free­ware util­i­ty which will al­low users to run mul­ti­ple ver­sions of IE on the same PC, it ba­si­cal­ly con­tains stand­alone ver­sions of IE which can be run at the same time and runs in­de­pen­dent­ly of each oth­er.
  • Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes | Noupe – Today we want­ed to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pit­falls when cre­at­ing your CSS lay­out.
  • Create a 3D re­al­is­tic blue­print in Photoshop – In this tu­to­ri­al i will show you how to cre­ate a 3d blue­print. In the next days i will use my re­sult to cre­ate a new lay­out. The re­sult will be very nice, and i will promise you it is not dif­fi­cult to cre­ate a nice look­ing 3D blue­print with pho­to­shop.
  • How to Create a Sleek and Textured Web Layout in Photoshop – In this Photoshop web de­sign tu­to­ri­al, you'll learn how to cre­ate a full web page lay­out that com­bi­nes the sleek and tex­tured look-and-feel us­ing a com­bi­na­tion of be­gin­ning to in­ter­me­di­ate Adobe Photoshop tech­niques.
  • Video Tutorials from Quark – Quark has post­ed sev­er­al en­light­en­ing video tu­to­ri­als, including:How to draw cus­tom shapes with the new­ly re­designed Bézier pen toolsetHow to cre­ate pic­ture popouts (how to crop your sub­ject on cer­tain sides of a box while let­ting the sub­ject ex­tend past the box on oth­er sides)Design and out­put Flash di­rect­ly from QuarkXPress 8
  • Ultimate Typographic Logos Inspiration – Lately I've been work­ing in a new iden­ti­ty for a lo­cal com­pa­ny, and their on­ly re­quest is that it has to be a on­ly type lo­go. Then I start­ed re­search­ing some ty­po­graph­ic lo­gos at Logopond, and it was a great step in my con­cept de­vel­op­ment.
  • Two Rules to Guarantee a Successful Small Business Blog | Good Plum – Your friends, fam­i­ly, and col­leagues have the best in­ten­tions when they say, You should just start a blog but they may not ful­ly un­der­stand what it takes to

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