Creative Community Bulletin 22 April 2009 Through 24 April 2009

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 22 April 2009 through 24 April 2009:

  • 5978 High Quality Icons for Web, Apps – This is beyond question the largest supply of free icons ever published in one article. With this exceedingly massive supply, your icon solutions for websites and Apps are pretty much endless! Ranging from file types to gadgets, Mac icons to Firefox orbs, RSS feeds and even race cars. Yes, even race cars.
  • From Design Into Print » Spot or Process #1
  • 5 Twitter Tools You Should Be Using – Blog by Jon Bishop – I thought I would share my list of Twitter tools I think should be in everyone's bookmarks. These tools improve the quality and productivity of my account by
  • Commentwitter Plugin Page – Commentwitter is a WordPress plugin that gives commenters the option of Tweeting their comment with a link to your post.
  • I ♥ wireframes
  • Twitter Caps Following Limits, Denting Auto-Follow Services
  • 20 Excellent Plugins for Safari | Webdesigner Depot – Each browser comes with its own set of advantages and features and one of the greatest benefits of Firefox has been the ability to fully customize it through the use of plugins and add-ons.

    This feature is especially important for those of you using Mac OS X, when deciding whether to pick one of the two heavyweights: Firefox or Safari.

    But Safari actually does support plugins. While the choice is nowhere near as extensive as that of Firefox, there is still a good variety of them to choose from.

    Here’s a list of 20 useful plugins for Safari for OS X.

  • How to Run IE8 Beta, IE7 and IE6 On The Same PC? – Internet Explorer Collection is a handy freeware utility which will allow users to run multiple versions of IE on the same PC, it basically contains standalone versions of IE which can be run at the same time and runs independently of each other.
  • Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20 Common Bugs and Fixes | Noupe – Today we wanted to share with you some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls when creating your CSS layout.
  • Create a 3D realistic blueprint in Photoshop – In this tutorial i will show you how to create a 3d blueprint. In the next days i will use my result to create a new layout. The result will be very nice, and i will promise you it is not difficult to create a nice looking 3D blueprint with photoshop.
  • How to Create a Sleek and Textured Web Layout in Photoshop – In this Photoshop web design tutorial, you'll learn how to create a full web page layout that combines the sleek and textured look-and-feel using a combination of beginning to intermediate Adobe Photoshop techniques.
  • Video Tutorials from Quark – Quark has posted several enlightening video tutorials, including:How to draw custom shapes with the newly redesigned Bézier pen toolsetHow to create picture popouts (how to crop your subject on certain sides of a box while letting the subject extend past the box on other sides)Design and output Flash directly from QuarkXPress 8
  • Ultimate Typographic Logos Inspiration – Lately I've been working in a new identity for a local company, and their only request is that it has to be a only type logo. Then I started researching some typographic logos at Logopond, and it was a great step in my concept development.
  • Two Rules to Guarantee a Successful Small Business Blog | Good Plum – Your friends, family, and colleagues have the best intentions when they say, You should just start a blog but they may not fully understand what it takes to

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