Creative Community Bulletin 29 July 2010 Through 30 July 2010

These are the arti­cles, blogs, and resources I found inter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 29 July 2010 through 30 July 2010:

  • Standard Preflight Profiles VIGC, ver­sion 2 (July 2010) -

    VIGC has devel­oped an updat­ed ver­sion of its 13 dif­fer­ent pre­flight pro­files, geared to the same mar­ket nich­es as the GWG pro­files for PDF cre­ation and PDF pre­flight­ing. It also cre­at­ed 5 com­plete­ly new pro­files for pack­ag­ing, based on the Packaging v3 spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG):


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  • Study Calls Google ‘King Of Malware’ -

    Overall, Google takes the crown for mal­ware dis­tri­b­u­tion – turn­ing up more than twice the amount of mal­ware as Bing, Twitter and Yahoo! com­bined when search­es on pop­u­lar trend­ing top­ics were per­formed. Google presents at 69 per cent; Yahoo! at 18 per cent; Bing at 12 per cent; and Twitter at one per cent.

  • Sync & import Google Gmail Contacts on iPad -

    Looking for a sim­ple and free method to sync Google Gmail con­tacts on your Apple iPad device. You can eas­i­ly do this by con­nect­ing iPad to a com­put­er and using iTunes. After the con­nec­tion, select Google con­tacts option and login to your Google / Gmail account to start the sync process. Here is detailed pro­ce­dure.

  • TypeTalk: Why Distorting Type Is a Crime | CreativePro​.com -

    Are you tempt­ed to use your lay­out soft­ware to stretch or squeeze a word? Resist that temp­ta­tion or your type will look awk­ward at best, and down­right ugly at worst.

  • Fox News: Apple Is The New Religion And The Pope Is Scared -

    The post enti­tled “For Apple Followers, It’s a Matter of Faith, Academics Say” argues that while peo­ple may joke about Apple being a reli­gion (JesusPhone, etc), to some, it may actu­al­ly be a reli­gion. Better, they won­der if Apple shouldn’t pur­sue that path. Here’s Fox News’ keys as to why Apple is sim­i­lar to a reli­gion:

  • Adobe Systems to acquire Day Software, Content, Web, Social Collaboration Management Systems -

    Adobe Systems Incorporated, a US-based provider of diver­si­fied soft­ware solu­tions, has launched a pub­lic ten­der offer to acquire all of the pub­licly held reg­is­tered shares of Day Software Holding AG, a Switzerland-based provider of con­tent man­age­ment soft­ware for CHF139 ($131.47) per share in cash.

  • QuarkXPress More Efficient in the Background Than InDesign? -
  • Colorspeak – What do col­ors say to you? -

    Red invokes anger or pas­sion — two emo­tions on the oppo­site spec­trum.
    Green is for fresh, new, and eco­log­i­cal cred as of late.
    Purple rep­re­sents pow­er and wis­dom.
    Orange is…

  • Free For All: High Quality, No Cost | CreativePro​.com -

    In this install­ment, you’ll find a geo­graph­ic sym­bol font; tilable tex­tures and pat­terns; Illustrator resources; a brand­ed file-transfer ser­vice; and online tilt-shift effects.

  • Quark VS InDesign on ePublishing, Report Says Quark Wins -

    Quark has a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent vision on dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing than?Adobe. Quark seems to take the publisher/publishing process as its depar­ture point. This leads to a dra­mat­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent approach on mul­ti­ple lev­els.

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