Creative Community Bulletin 21 November 2013

Great content found by Pariah and shared to the design and creative communities on social media.

  • Are You More Creative Alone or with Others?
    For some, creativity is a solitary endeavor. For others, nothing sparks the creative engine quite like the escalation of ideas you get with a group of people. Which are you?
  • Why Pretend to be Mystified by the Ebook Sales Slowdown?
    “The folly of many traditional publishers is that their passive aggressive actions are only obscuring the real battle being fought: a world of writers forming direct pipelines to their readers, always listening to what their readers want and go…
  • Download the Helvetica Font Made Entirely Out Of Colorful Candies

    London-based designer Samuel Carter Mensah has created “HelvetiCandy”, an awesome version of the famous typeface that is made entirely out of colorful candies. 

  • How to Promote Your Graphic Design Business for Less
    But like any type of business, you still need to engage in self-promotion if you want to get work, earn money, and ultimately pay the bills. And the less you spend the better, right? Not necessarily. The trick is to spend smarter, so that the m…
  • Typography Mania #210
    “Typography Mania is a weekly post series that comes around once a week with the best of Typography design works on the web, from type videos to images everything is full of great design and typography inspiration. Users can submit their typogr…
  • Amazing Timeline Makers to Use on Your Desktop or Tablet by Pariah Burke

    “Fortunately, specialized Web tools exist to create shareable, often embeddable timelines—many free. Granted, these single-purpose tools may not be as versatile in their export and sharing options as the SVG, HTML5, and SWF formats created by the desktop applications. But on the other hand, these tools offer timeline-specific design, interactivity, formatting features, and purposeful ease-of-use the desktop applications can’t match.”

  • “SnapSVG is to SVG what jQuery is the DOM.” –Christian Cantrell @cantrell
    “SVG is an excellent way to create interactive, resolution-independent vector graphics that will look great on any size screen. And the Snap.svg JavaScript library makes working with your SVG assets as easy as jQuery makes working with the DOM….
  • Why designers should give branding back its soul
    In an age where companies think branding strategists can solve all their problems, Adrian Shaughnessy argues that designers should take back control.
  • $9.99 Creative Cloud Photoshop & Lightroom Plan Now OPEN TO EVERYONE!
    “For a limited time, you can join a special Creative Cloud plan. It includes access to Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, plus feature updates and upgrades as they are available, 20GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration, and a Behanc…
  • Create a “Lomographic” Photography Effect in Photoshop

    The “Lomography” photo effect is a popular contrarian photographic style characterized by oversaturated colors, distortions, unexpected prismatic effects, and several other qualities that are usually avoided or corrected by traditional photographers. Those who enjoy and seek these unusual effects appreciate lomography’s stylized surrealis

  • The cheater’s high – how being bad feels good
    Why do rich celebrities steal groceries? Why do students risk their academic careers by cheating for just a few extra marks? A team of researchers may have the answer: because it feels good. Across several studies, Nicole Ruedy and her colleagu…
  • Geek Stereotypes: Misogyny, Mental Illness and Company Dysfunction in Tech

    This stereotype is also a cover-up and a red herring for deep dysfunctions in our community.

    The belief that male geeks are incapable of romantic interaction with women that isn’t fumbling, awkward, transparent, and ultimately doomed — the cheap laughs of blockbuster movies — covers up endemic sexual harassment, abuse and assault by male technologists against women in the field.

  • Playing Cards With Valuable Quotes Remind Designers To Play Their Cards Right

    The set of vibrantly-colored cards feature these valuable quotes printed on the front of the cards, while the back features the sources of these wise words, such as lecturers or design groups—reminding users that in order to be good designers, they have to ‘play their cards right’. 

  • 5 Tips to Giving Great End-of-Year Client Gifts

    But you’d be surprised how it subconciously (or maybe even conciously) will cement the experience they had in their brain.  The next time someone needs a photographer that cemented and postive experience will come to the surface and work for you.  All due to a simple gesture.  

  • Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks (ePublishing with InDesign Series) #eprdctn

    ePub­lish­ing with InDesign: Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks will teach you:

    – Understanding Fixed-Layout eBooks
    - Planning a Fixed-Layout eBook
    - Creating Fixed-Layout in InDesign
    - Adapting the HTML
    - Editing the CSS
    - Adding Advanced Features
    - Creating Read Aloud Narration
    - Creating Fixed-Layout for Kindle
    - Converting Fixed-Layout for Nook
    - Creating Fixed-Layout for Sony Reader
    - Creating Fixed-Layout for Kobo
    - Other Fixed-Layout Creation Tools

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