Creative Community Bulletin 27 September 2013

Great content found by Pariah and shared to the design and creative communities on social media.

  • QR Code Link Generator for Acrobat
    “The QR Code Link Generator for Acrobat is a Flash widget that can be placed on any PDF page and configured to display a QR code that links to any web page. The widget is designed to display the QR code in Adobe Reader 9 and higher; earlier ver…
  • 27 Free Invoicing Tools for Businesses on a Budget
    “Keeping track of your finances is one of the most important aspects of managing a business, and invoicing tops that list. Producing professional, timely invoices for your clients and customers will ensure that you make a positive impression, a…
  • Underground but Overboard: 15 Extreme Subway Stations

    “Far from the stereotype of a dark and grungy underground space where you don’t want to touch anything with your bare hands, these 15 standout subway stations are practically art galleries. From the gilded Baroque metros of Moscow to the world’s largest glass dome in Taiwan, these transit stations are worth a stop just to take a look around.”

  • The Types of Editing #Infographic
    “Editing is essential for a book about to splash into the market. It was said by William Zinsser, author of On Writing Well, that the best writers are often the best re-writers.

    The same holds true today. In light of this, we’ve created a clea…

  • 5 Tips for Easier Blog and Article Writing #Infographic

    “While this infographic has five tips to help brands create content,** the tips apply to anyone — including you. We encounter multiple stories on a daily basis, regardless of our job. We just need to look at things from a different, content marketing, perspective.”

  • Font Fail: Pepsi Teams Up With Rape?
  • Why an Online Portfolio Is Insanely Essential For Your Freelance Business Growth

    “An online portfolio holds a strong importance as your skills as a freelancer. In short, we can wisely label these two facets as both sides of the coin. Without a portfolio you can’t showcase your value to prospects and without skills there is no point of focusing on getting people to view what you can do for them when you actually aren’t talented for that certain task. It makes a perfect sense.

  • Design User Interfaces for the Cabin in the Woods

    “Chris Kieffer and Copin Le Bleu ran across my interview with Shaun Yue, and since they had done the interfaces for The Cabin in the Woods, contacted me eager to share their story as well. Since Cabin has the highest-rated interfaces in the Make It So survey so far, I was very glad to have the chance to talk with them as well. So in honor of the one-year anniversary of the film’s release…”

  • The importance of sketching in product design
    “The way to have product team members trust each other and get along is to have them sketch together.”
  • New webfont options from Cloud.typography

    “Yes, it’s true that many webfonts aren’t hinted correctly for Windows; yes, it’s also true that many haven’t been drawn for the screen; yes, it’s also true that matching available webfonts to fonts used for print work can be difficult, if not impossible. At least, that used to be the case.”

  • The First Website Revived. 20 Years of the World Wide Web

    “The Web as we know it went “live” April 30, 1993. The very first web page and website Tim Berners-Lee and the WWW team put online has been brought out of the archives by CERN.”

  • Is your client in enough pain?

    “n part 2, Erin shares 3 questions you can ask a prospect to assess the level of their pain. Here’s one of them:

    Question #1: Find Out If Their Problem Is On The “Front Burner”
    You need to find out if the potential clients you speak with are truly ready to invest the time, money, and energy required to make their projects successful.”

  • Avoid Issues By Saving Your Artwork Properly In InDesign For Printing

    “Adding bleeds from the start, BEFORE YOU EVEN START, is crucial. Think about it, you’re working on a 200+ page catalog and then you find out you have to go back and extend the bleed of every single object in every single page!! I really think if that happened to me I’d be Keanu-level bummed…”

  • Insights into the World of Color – Interview with Jude Stewart, Author: ‘Roy G. Biv’ – Part 1
    “Insights into the World of Color – Interview with Jude Stewart, Author: ‘Roy G. Biv’ – Part 1”
  • How to design news sites

    “So when we see how many major news outlets limit themselves, it’s disappointing in the light of what could be done by making more use of AJAX.
    Or maybe not…”

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