Creative Community Bulletin 29 January 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the de­sign and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on so­cial me­dia.

  • Web Standards for Writers

    “Remember the bad old days of all those “writ­ing for the web” ar­ti­cles? Now, peo­ple writ­ing for the web don’t just have oth­er writ­ers to re­ly on for advice—they have re­al, live stan­dards to fol­low! Hooray!

    Here, I’ve pulled to­geth­er some of those stan­dards, and ex­plained why they’re use­ful, and for what kinds of web writ­ing. If you have oth­ers to add, we’d love to hear about them too.”

  • 12 Sneaky Easter Eggs Hiding in Your Mac

    “Apple likes to have the last laugh. Over the years, the com­pa­ny has put a va­ri­ety of Easter eggs — hid­den tricks and fea­tures, for the unini­ti­at­ed — in its line of Mac prod­ucts.

    From clev­er pho­tos to se­cret games, Mac de­vel­op­ers have found plen­ty of ways to slip sub­tle mes­sages in­to the per­son­al com­put­ers. It’s a mark of pride and a ver­i­ta­ble rite of pas­sage for pro­duct cre­ators.”

  • Pew: Half of Americans now own tablet or e-reader

    “Half of U.S. adults now own ei­ther a tablet or e-reader. The lat­est re­search from the Pew Internet & American Life project found that the hol­i­day pe­ri­od drove own­er­ship of the­se de­vices to 50% up from 43% last September.”

  • Artist Transforms The City Of Chicago Into A Giant Typography Playground
    “Audra Hubbell em­barked up­on this artis­tic en­deav­or for her MFA the­sis, in which she ex­plored the pow­er of large-scale ty­pog­ra­phy. By pro­ject­ing gi­gan­tic, sin­gle let­ters on­to Chicago’s build­ings, streets and art in­stal­la­tions, Hubbell il­lu­mi­nat…
  • 10 Surprising Indicators Of Genius
    “Those with the high­est IQs can of­ten be found en­gag­ing in what would be con­sid­ered any­thing but in­tel­lec­tu­al pur­suits. Chances are. you may know a bona fide ge­nius or even be one your­self.”
  • How to add fonts (free!) to your desk­top apps through Creative Cloud #CreativeCloud
    “Follow the steps to browse and choose fonts on the Typekit web­site, and then sync them to your desk­top com­put­er. You can use Typekit fonts in all of your in­stalled ap­pli­ca­tions that sup­port desk­top fonts, in­clud­ing your Adobe apps.”

  • Serif vs. Sans: the Final Battle [Infographic]

    “This clev­er in­fo­graph­ic — that smart­ly draws up­on hu­mor to dri­ve home its points — of­fers a sim­ple, in­sight­ful con­clu­sion that de­sign­ers should bear in mind: “The best font choic­es are ones where read­ers do not no­tice the font … but the mes­sage.””

  • Death Blow to CSS Regions? Google Rejects Adobe Web Publishing Tech
    “The CSS Regions would have helped ease magazine-like lay­outs on the Web. But Google’s pri­or­i­ty now is on per­for­mance, not fea­tures — es­pe­cial­ly mo­bile browser per­for­mance.”
  • Web Design Trends for 2014

    “2013 saw a slew of new trends, some of which have be­gun to fade out and oth­ers that stuck around and are still go­ing strong. While 2014 is just get­ting start­ed, let’s take a look at some of the web de­sign trends that have start­ed to emerge or that we can ex­pect to see in the com­ing year.

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