Design Business Links 26 March 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Do Anti-depressants Stifle Creativity?

    It can be an (often ter­ri­fy­ing) catch-22; do you need to be a lit­tle “mad” in order to be a great artist, and if you lose that mad­ness, do you lose any of your cre­ative spark? It’s an issue Lyons her­self was deal­ing with when she start­ed suf­fer­ing intense anx­i­ety and depres­sion that was crip­pling her life, but (in the final year of her MFA) she was also ter­ri­fied of los­ing her artis­tic edge.”

  • Is it time you got an (illus­tra­tion or design) agent?
    “From bring­ing in big-name clients to tak­ing care of admin headaches, agent rep­re­sen­ta­tion could super­charge your career. We explain how to go about it.”
  • Rembrandt Recovered in Southern France
    “Investigators have announced the recov­ery of a Rembrandt paint­ing 15 years after it was stolen from a muse­um in Southeastern France in the midst of a pass­ing mil­i­tary parade.”
  • Does the Snooze Button Turn You into a Zombie?
    “A few more min­utes of pre­cious sleep can be incred­i­bly tempt­ing in the morn­ing, but the snooze but­ton might not be your friend. Those extra min­utes of sleep will impede the wake-up process and turn you into a grog­gy zom­bie. The wide-awake user…
  • Should You Freelance? Weighing The Pros and Cons #Infographic
    “Some peo­ple choose to free­lance. Others are forced to. Depending on how you look at it, the life of a free­lancer can either be real­ly great, bal­anced and reward­ing; or unsta­ble, chal­leng­ing and unpro­duc­tive.
  • Overcome the Fear of Failure With These 6 Questions

    In his book, A More Beautiful Question, Warren Berger inter­views ser­i­al entre­pre­neur and writer Jonathan Fields, who tells us that ask­ing our­selves: “What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail”?” is the type of ques­tion that makes us pow­er­less. Instead, Fields says, we should ask these alter­nate ques­tions. ”

  • Making iPad apps in InDesign just got eas­i­er
    “Adobe’s added some smart new fea­tures to its Digital Publishing Suite. Find out what they are here.

  • Why You Need a “Think Week” Like Bill Gates

    Want to expe­ri­ence flash­es of cre­ative insight akin to those Bill Gates and artist Chuck Close have? Skillshare CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn rec­om­mends you do what he (and those great thinkers) do, take a week off work:”

  • Can I Be Funny at Work Without Ruining My Reputation?
    “you’ve actu­al­ly hit on one fre­quent­ly over­looked career tool: mak­ing peo­ple laugh. It’s not just about mak­ing your work­day more fun, either. Developing a good sense of humor can help your career.”
  • New tool makes account­ing easy for free­lancers
    “Zenvoice is a sim­ple invoic­ing tool for free­lancers that promis­es to great­ly sim­pli­fy the way most peo­ple of us do small-scale account­ing.”

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