Design Business Links 28 March 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Drawing as Literacy

    Imagine if our grade school teach­ers had com­pared our ear­ly school essays to the work of Steinbeck or Kerouac and sug­gest­ed we just give it up for lack of tal­ent. We would have a cri­sis of illit­er­a­cy on our hands. However, this is essen­tial­ly the approach we take with draw­ing in our children’s’ ear­ly edu­ca­tion — iden­ti­fy­ing the “tal­ent­ed” ones and dis­suad­ing the rest. I have come to believe that draw­ing is a fun­da­men­tal form of lit­er­a­cy and a key to unlock cre­ative modes of think­ing.

  • Designing User Interfaces for Your Mother
    “Takeaways for keep­ing your inter­face friend­ly to the friend­liest of peo­ple you know: your moth­er.”
  • 5 Cool Photoshop Add-Ons for Stickers
    “Stickers are some of the most ver­sa­tile print mate­ri­als on the plan­et. They can be employed as mar­ket­ing tools that can be affixed near­ly any­where. They can be fun com­mem­o­ra­tive pho­tos shared between friends. They can be prof­itable retail prod…
  • Document Geek’s Wish List for Notes in Adobe InDesign

    I would like to see Notes move seam­less­ly between Adobe prod­ucts:
    There are two plu­g­ins that address the issue of Notes in InDesign.”

  • Adobe turns mar­ket­ing cloud up to 11 with mas­sive update, SAP deal, new mobile tools
    “Adobe just fired a big shot across the bow of enter­prise mar­ket­ing com­peti­tors Salesforce, IBM, and Oracle with a huge update to the Adobe Marketing Cloud that sees major changes to almost all of its com­po­nents.

  • Find Out How Much Your Time Is Really Worth with this Calculator
    “As the old adage goes, time is mon­ey. But how much, exact­ly, is an hour of your time worth to you? When is it worth it to hire help? Is it bet­ter to scale down your hours or take on addi­tion­al work? This tool from Clearer Thinking reveals all …
  • These 8 GIFs Are The Most Mesmerising On The Internet
    “These gives where cre­at­ed by Hungarian graph­ic design­er David Szakaly. He has been cre­at­ing these mag­nif­i­cent works of art since 1999, when he first start­ed exper­i­ment­ing with Macromedia Flash. These GIFs are absolute­ly mes­meris­ing. Szakaly wo…
  • 5 bril­liant microsites and why they’re so effec­tive
    “What makes a suc­cess­ful microsite? Luke Clum looks at five exam­ples and dis­cuss­es what makes them effec­tive.

  • 10 Useful Web Apps for Designers

    Since the iPhone and iPad entered the mar­ket you can hear lots of news about apps for these devices. Tons of apps avail­able today and you can find every­thing you want. But today I would like to share 10 handy web-based apps for design­ers. To use these apps you don’t need to buy an iPhone or iPad, you can use them with­out any addi­tion­al soft­ware or device, you just need a web brows­er. In this col­lec­tion I’ve picked 10 use­ful and time-saving web apps for design­ers. These will help you to cre­ate an invoice, record a video or select a beau­ti­ful col­or com­bi­na­tion for your next project.

  • The 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Your Client Work

    There’s an old busi­ness tru-ism that goes some­thing like: “when you assume, you make an ass of you and me.” The expres­sion is espe­cial­ly per­ti­nent to cre­atives who make incor­rect assump­tions about client rela­tion­ships. When we make an assump­tion, it is often because we are afraid. When it comes to client rela­tion­ships, some­times it is eas­i­er to keep your head down and keep work­ing. However, these rela­tion­ships are all about com­mu­ni­ca­tion. 

  • The 43 Best Photoshop Plugins
    “Create amaz­ing images and designs with this selec­tion of the most cre­ative, use­ful, time-saving and pow­er­ful Photoshop plu­g­ins avail­able.

  • Don’t Let Facebook Shut Down Your Page: Avoid These 4 Loopholes
    “If you own a busi­ness, Facebook wants to make your life mis­er­able.
    The abil­i­ty to reach mil­lions of poten­tial cus­tomers for free has caused busi­ness­es large and small to flock to Facebook. Initially, the social media giant wel­comed busi­ness­es …
  • How to cre­ate pixel-perfect web graph­ics with Adobe Illustrator and Kuler
    “Web design­er and illus­tra­tor Matt Hamm reveals how to com­bine Kuler with Illustrator to cre­ate har­mo­nious web graph­ics that scale crisply.

  • 10 Of The Most Important Photographs In History

    The inven­tion of pho­tog­ra­phy has allowed mankind to doc­u­ment a lot of his­toric moments through­out our time on Earth. Some show us how far we have come as a species, while oth­ers make us remem­ber the moments that we’d rather for­get.”

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