Today in Design – Top Articles RoundUp 13 November 2017

The day’s best and most important design- and design business-focused articles, tutorials, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • HOW TO: Speed up your website
    With Google asking webmasters to deliver sites that are fast and functional, or suffer the de-ranking punishment, businesses should all be undertaking website testing to find out how their site measures up. If you know your site is not performing quite as it should and are looking to make some improvements, here are some of the areas you should focus on to start with.
  • 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Testing a Business Idea |
    You’ve got a business idea you’re jazzed about, but aren’t sure if it’s feasible. What you need to do is test the concept to see how it stands up to a series of rigorous questions.

    “You are always testing,” says Andre Marquis, Executive Direct…

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