Adobe: No MacTel Photoshop Until CS3

Macintosh users won’t see Universal until Creative Suite 3, says Adobe

According to Terri Stone, editor-in-chief (reported here, including a link to Seeking Alpha’s transcript of the call), during the conference call of 22 March discussing 2006 1st Quarter Adobe earnings, Adobe executives verified that Macintosh users won’t be seeing MacTel-native Creative Suite apps until the CS3 release, mooted for Spring 2007. This confirms the predictions of Quark VS in this January 2006 editorial by Pariah S. Burke.

Additionally, even though CS2 does run under the PPC-Intel translation technology called “Rosetta,” Adobe does not recommend this for high-volume production workflows.

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5 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Strange, if I think 3 years back, Quark did the same mistake that Adobe is doing now…:
    1. Too late supporting a new Apple platform.
    2. Ignoring that the competitor is already prepared and
    3. Charging money for the new platform support.

    History repeating itself?
    I thought mistakes are only made once…

    Sorry, Adobe, but where are you?
    I want Photoshop on Intel, under Rosetta I have strange results.
    And I please want it free of charge, I am fine with CS2 functionality.


  2. Joe says:

    So what are professionals supposed to do if they need a new Mac? My Powerbook G4 is on its last legs. I can’t wait until next spring so I decided to get one of the last iMac G5s. I didn’t want to invest 2 grand in a PowerMac G5, knowing it’s just a patch until I can switch to Intel and CS3. What if Apple comes out with new PowerMacs this summer and discontinue the G5s? Then what wil people do if they need a new machine and use CS2 heavily? Buy used on eBay? Hope MacMall still has some in stock? Push their luck with Rosetta? I can’t blame Apple for being aggressive with the transition – I would really like to see Adobe do a better job keeping up. I’m sure they had plenty of notice. Hey, if QUARK is universal, it’s hard to believe that Adobe is a year late.

    When OSX came out, Quark’s lateness was a big reason behind my switch. Intel or not, Adobe could be FIVE years late and I’d never go back.

  3. Christine Shock says:

    What is interesting is that InDesign is running on the MacTels quite well underApple Boot Camp using XP.. no Rosetta problems, no slow downs! So for now it is a work around that will give you CS2 on your MacTel. Adobe has quite a bit on it’s plate for CS3–Macromedia integration, Windows Vista, Apple Leopard…what people fail to forget is that Jobs was the one who kept “MacTel” under wraps except for Apple insiders, If you doubt it, go over to CNet and see what the CEO of Adobe had to say about it!!!!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Christina. How interesting that you’ve found InDesign CS2 for Windows works better under Intel-chip Macs than InDesign CS2 for Mac.

    Everyone is quick to blame Adobe and other software makers (Microsoft does not have a MacTel-native version of Office yet, either), but it really isn’t their fault. Apple didn’t given them time. It’s a game Apple has played since Jobs’s return to the company.

    Try thinking of it in a different way. Imagine an automaker who changes the layout of his stock engine. The spark plug slots have changed sizes, there are new battery connectors that don’t fit existing batteries, and the car runs on a whole new type of fuel. Now, let’s say the automaker does all this but keeps it under wraps until the very last minute. How long would it take for the independent manufacturers of the sparkplugs and batteries to redesign their products, to build and test prototypes, to retool their manufacturing facilities, and to build up enough stock actually enable the new car to run? How long would it take for a fuel company to synthesize a compatible formula, refine their raw materials, and build stock?

    (Continued in an editorial here.)