Qatari Daily Goes Quark

Middle-eastern daily newspaper opts for XPress 6.5/Arabic XT solution

On 13 November 2005 the online news source announced that the Qatari daily newspaper Al Watan, estimated circulation 18,000*, would integrate QuarkXPress 6.5 combined with Layout Middle East’s ArabicXT 6.1 software into its production workflow.

ArabicXT is Layout Ltd’s set of XTensions software that turns QuarkXPress into an Arabic-based DTP tool without actually altering XPress in any way. It provides specialized functions for handling the unique demands of Arabic type as well as a variety of professionally-designed Arabic fonts exclusive to ArabicXT. Along with the software the daily is getting a full package of training on Mac OS X and implementation of Layout’s NewsPaperXT monitoring system, providing for web-based editorial and managerial production monitoring on a web-browser based interface.

Read the full article by following this link.

*Al Watan circ. est. source: Chart “Statistics on Arab Media”, Arab Reform Bulletin, December 2004, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, PDF at

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