InlineMerge Script for Current InDesign CC

Loic Aignon wrote the amaz­ing­ly use­ful InDesign script, InlineMerge.jsxbin, which, when added to InDesign’s Scripts Panels fold­er, enables using Data Merge to merge mul­ti­ple records into the same sto­ry, includ­ing inline images. Data Merge can’t do that on its own, instead cre­at­ing entire­ly sep­a­rate graph­ic and text frames for each record dur­ing a merge. Armed with Loic’s free InlineMerge script, InDesign’s native Data Merge can be used with­out an expen­sive plu­g­in to pro­duce year­books, course and prod­uct cat­a­logs, direc­to­ries, and oth­er vari­able data pub­li­ca­tions that need text and image data in con­tin­u­ous sto­ries.

Alas, as of this writ­ing, I’m unable to make the cur­rent ver­sion of InlineMerge work with the cur­rent ver­sion of InDesign CC. The pre­vi­ousver­sion of the script does still work with the cur­rent edi­tion of InDesign CC.

You can down­load that pre­vi­ous, work­ing ver­sion below.

I’ve also con­tact­ed Loic about the mat­ter and will update this post with any new infor­ma­tion he pro­vides.

Download InlineMerge ver­sion October 2012, work­ing with InDesign CC 2017 as of August 2017.

Pariah Burke

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