One of the World's Most Ripped-Off Logos Finally Gets Used the Right Way

For more than a decade I’ve known Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives, ever since we both spent the bet­ter part of the ear­ly 00s help­ing new­er design­ers learn the ropes via the Graphic Designers’ Resource Group Yahoo Group. Jeff is one of the most tal­ent­ed logo design­ers I’ve ever seen.

For near­ly as long as I’ve known Jeff I’ve watched his now world-famous “C.A.T.” logo (par­tial­ly shown above) being stolen. As Jeff him­self notes in a recent LinkedIn arti­cle he wrote, the logo, which has been legit­i­mate­ly fea­tured in more than a dozen books on logo design and brand­ing, has been “appro­pri­at­ed with­out autho­riza­tion by hun­dreds of ‘design­ers,’ com­pa­nies, orga­ni­za­tions and indi­vid­u­als. The list is so long that can­not be includ­ed on this site. Copyright infringe­ments have been found in Canada, China, Ecuador, England, Italy, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam and else­where.” And not all of them were on Fiverr​.com, surprisingly.

Now, for the first time since Jeff cre­at­ed the “C.A.T.” logo in 2007, it has final­ly been prop­er­ly licensed for legal use by a client. That client did every­thing right and is now the proud licensee of one of the world’s most ripped-off logos.

Read the com­plete sto­ry in Jeff Fisher’s own words here.