Using Hyphens and Dashes Properly - Illustrator Typography

Do you know the dif­fer­ence between the hyphen, en dash, and em dash? Do you know when to use each to avoid embar­rass­ing typo­graph­ic and gram­mat­i­cal mis­takes? Do you know how to insert all of them in Adobe Illustrator? Watch this quick video tuto­r­i­al, and you’ll be able to answer “Yes!” to every one of those questions.

Excerpted from Pariah Burke’s com­pre­hen­sive Pluralsight video course, Illustrator CC Typography.

Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, trainer, guru: Digital Publishing, ePub, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Empowering, Informing, Connecting Creative Professionals™

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