Creating a Brand Style Guide

CEO or sole pro­pri­etor, design­er or brand man­ag­er, this course will guide you step-by-step through cre­at­ing or refin­ing your brand style, the sys­tems, strate­gies, and poli­cies of your company’s brand­ing and asset man­age­ment, and, ulti­mate­ly, build­ing a brand style guide that will empow­er your brand agents, part­ners, and the press to prop­er­ly and con­sis­tent­ly rep­re­sent your brand across all media.

Developed Equally for Business Owners and Design Professionals

CEOs, entre­pre­neurs, and brand man­agers in charge of estab­lish­ing, pro­tect­ing, and grow­ing their brands need this course.

Graphic design­ers and adver­tis­ing exec­u­tives who cre­ate and man­age the brand iden­ti­ties and visu­al ele­ments of their clients’ brands, or who want to expand their ser­vices into the areas of brand devel­op­ment, brand­ing con­sul­ta­tion, and brand style guide devel­op­ment also need this course.

Watch Excerpts From the Course

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Course Contents

Module 1: Understanding Branding

  1. What is a Brand?
  2. Why You Need a Brand Style Guide
  3. The Brand Style Guide

Module 2: Establishing Consistent Brand Colors Across Media

  1. The Role of Color in Your Brand
  2. Pick Your Brand Colors
  3. Match CMYK Colors to Pantone Spot Colors
  4. Translate Print Colors into Digital Media
  5. Communicate Colors in Your Brand Style Guide

Module 3: Defining & Communicating Your Logo Uses

  1. Protect Your Logo
  2. Create Logo Versions
  3. Create Distribution-Ready Files
  4. Manage Distribute Logo Files
  5. Determine Logo Usage Guidelines
  6. Document Logo Usage Guidelines

Module 4: Defining Your Brand Typography

  1. Choose Brand Typefaces, Families, and Fonts
  2. Pick Special-Use Fonts
  3. Plan Fonts for Web, eBooks, and Mobile
  4. Understand Font Licensing
  5. Keep Out Unlicensed Fonts
  6. Distribute and Control Fonts
  7. Document Brand Typefaces

Module 5: Using Photography and Video in Your Brand

  1. Stock Imagery Licenses and Terms
  2. Model and Property Releases
  3. Document and Distribute Licenses
  4. Images and Video in the Brand Style Guide

Module 6: Using and Distributing a Brand Style Guide

  1. Finalize Your Brand Style Guide
  2. Version Your Brand Style Guide
  3. Incorporate CSS Brand Style Sheets in Projects
  4. Distribute Your Brand Style Guide