Creative Community Bulletin 18 October 2010 Through 02 November 2010

These are the arti­cles, blogs, and resources I found inter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 18 October 2010 through 02 November 2010:

  • Christopher Nolan takes flight with Superman: ‘We have a fan­tas­tic sto­ry’ [UPDATED] | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times - Nolan, who is now viewed as the Hitchcock of super­hero cin­e­ma after his two Batman films, would be the “god­fa­ther” for a reboot of the Man of Steel, act­ing as pro­duc­er and men­tor to an as-yet-unnamed-director who will be mak­ing a movie based on a sto­ry by Nolan and fre­quent col­lab­o­ra­tor David S. Goyer.
  • Next Batman Movie To Be Called ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Fans Upset At Riddler Snub - Batman fans react­ed with anger on Thursday upon learn­ing that direc­tor Christopher Nolan has ruled out using The Riddler in the upcom­ing movie The Dark Knight Rises. The movie, the third Batman under Nolan and cur­rent­ly sched­uled to be released on July 20, 2012, will instead “intro­duce some new [char­ac­ters]” as well as use some of the exist­ing ones.
  • Museum Lets You Play Just About Every Video Game Ever - Technology Review - MuseoGames is as com­pre­hen­sive a his­to­ry of home video game con­soles as any muse­um has ever cre­at­ed. Visitors to Paris’s Museum of Arts and Trades are treat­ed to a col­lec­tion of video games so exten­sive that all but the most hard­core gamer would be hard-pressed to iden­ti­fy them all. They stretch from the birth of Pong in the 1970s through the hey­day of con­sole gam­ing and end with the PS2.
  • This Saturday, Make a Zombie Live with Scott Valentine - Join mad sci­en­tist Scott Valentine as he shows you how he cre­ates zom­bies.

    RetouchPRO LIVE “Zombie” with Scott Valentine

  • 12 Coolest Steampunk Gadgets - Steampunk Copper USB Drive
    This fun steam­punk USB dri­ve is hand­craft­ed using some vin­tage watch gear­ing, cop­per and a few oth­er brass parts, it comes with 2GB of stor­age, and even fea­tures some cop­per pip­ing along the side with some brass bolts on the end. If you want one of these cool Steampunk Copper USB dri­ves you had bet­ter be quick as there is only one avail­able from Qacreate, priced at $50. (Link)
  • Geek Car Designs | #StarWars - geek cars07
  • English Russia » Russian Sand Sculptures - The orga­niz­ers didn’t real­ize that Moscow is not the best place to held such an event because of unsta­ble spring cli­mate. Usually those con­tests are being con­duct­ed in the regions where the rains are not so often, but in this place and this time of the years rains just can go dai­ly, so it’s big pity they didn’t last long.
  • Say good­bye to tra­di­tion­al free check­ing - Yahoo! Finance - Bank of America, which does busi­ness with half the house­holds in America, announced a dra­mat­ic shift Tuesday in how it does busi­ness with cus­tomers. One key change: Free check­ing, a main­stay of American bank­ing in recent years, will be near­ly unheard of.
  • Listen To Steve Jobs Rip Into Android And The Upcoming Tablet Competition [Audio] - Clearly the most inter­est­ing part of Apple’s Q4 earn­ings call today was a sur­prise vis­it by CEO Steve Jobs. Just pri­or to the Q&A por­tion of the call, Jobs went into a 5-minute rant about the state of both the smart­phone and tablet mar­kets. Notably, he went direct­ly after Google and their “open sys­tem” and he laughed off the idea that the iPad will have any real com­pe­ti­tion. We already have a post on why Jobs thinks “open sys­tems don’t always win“, but below, find the full audio as well, as cap­tured by SAI.
  • The #acro­bat Daily -
  • New Free Twitter Background Templates for #Photoshop & #Illustrator - The New Twitter inter­face might make your Old Twitter back­ground image brand­ing impos­si­ble to view. Use these free Photoshop and Illustrator tem­plates to build your new back­ground specif­i­cal­ly for the New Twitter.

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