Creative Community Bulletin 24 May 2011 Through 07 June 2011

These are the arti­cles, blogs, and resources I found inter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 24 May 2011 through 07 June 2011:

  • Apple - Auto Save and Versions - Every edit, every rewrite. Saved. - If you’ve ever lost a doc­u­ment and hours of work, your mantra has been “save ear­ly and often.” But OS X Lion is about to change all that. Because it saves auto­mat­i­cal­ly. So you don’t have to.
  • (1) How secure is Dropbox? - Quora - Hopefully, Dropbox will rec­og­nize the need for addi­tion­al secu­ri­ty and add in pro­tec­tion mech­a­nisms that will make it less triv­ial to gain long-term unau­tho­rized access to a user’s Dropbox as well as pro­vide bet­ter means to mit­i­gate and detect an expo­sure. Until such time, I’m hop­ing that this write­up helps brings to light how the authen­ti­ca­tion method used my Dropbox may not be as secure as pre­vi­ous­ly assumed and that, as always, it is impor­tant to take steps to pro­tect your data from compromise.
  • 9 Jobs Most Men Would Die For | Cool Material - After explor­ing the world of gor­geous super­mod­els naked in the Amazon (not the web­site) with our tour guide Terry Richardson, we came to the con­clu­sion that he has a job that most men would die, or kill, for. Everyone has a vice; it could be women, cars, spir­its, ice cream or music, it just depends on the indi­vid­ual. We set out to find the guys who are doing the things we enjoy doing on a reg­u­lar basis – but they’re get­ting paid for it. The only thing you need to fig­ure out by your­self is where to sign up.
  • 29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work - You don’t always have to work hard to be pro­duc­tive. Productivity can sim­ply be the side effect of doing the right things.

    So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoid­ing ‘real work.’

  • Free For All: The American Northwest | CreativePro​.com - This month, every­thing is inspired by the Pacific Northwest. I’ve found 120 free stock pho­tos and tex­tures; 63 free col­or palettes; 20 free pat­terns; 25 free Photoshop actions, and 41 free Photoshop brushes.
  • Doctors and den­tists tell patients, “all your review are belong to us” - We can’t find any evi­dence that Medical Justice-style agree­ments have ever actu­al­ly been used to cen­sor online reviews. Dr. Cirka told Ars that he has nev­er attempt­ed to remove a fraud­u­lent review using the copy­right assign­ment pol­i­cy. And Yelp told us that they “have nev­er elect­ed to remove a review in response this type of take­down request.” The experts we talked to said they’ve got­ten sim­i­lar state­ments from oth­er review sites.
  • Save 30% on DisplayFusion This Week Only! - We’re very pleased to announce the release of DisplayFusion 3.3.1! This ver­sion includes a bunch of bug fix­es and new fea­tures, as well as huge improve­ments to the Multi-Monitor Taskbar and Window Snapping fea­tures. In addi­tion to the new release, we’re also announc­ing a sale! All DisplayFusion prod­ucts are 30% off until Saturday, May 28th, 2011.
  • Adding an Automatic BCC to Outlook > MichaelKizer​.com - There are prob­a­bly sev­er­al rea­sons in which you would want to auto­mat­i­cal­ly BCC and email address on all out­go­ing mes­sages (archival pur­pos­es being one of them). In this instance, I need­ed a solu­tion to per­form an auto­mat­ic BCC to a sys­tem email address for a pilot of the Trampoline Systems SONAR prod­uct. SONAR can con­sume your dai­ly email traf­fic and use it to cre­ate con­nec­tions to peo­ple and top­ics (sort of like an auto­mat­ic FaceBook appli­ca­tion. After some hunt­ing around the inter­nets, I hap­pened upon this solu­tion, which I’ll explain fur­ther here.
  • Google Think Insights - research and insights to help mar­keters make smarter deci­sions - At Google we believe data beats opin­ion. So we work hard to study the worlds of con­sumer behav­ior, dig­i­tal and media, and we’re pleased to share what we’ve learned with you. Our first fea­ture is all about mobile trends. But be sure to browse around - the site already includes hun­dreds of oth­er stud­ies, videos and webi­na­rs, and we’ll be updat­ing it reg­u­lar­ly. Sign up for the newslet­ter, so you’ll always be among the first to be in the know. I hope you enjoy explor­ing these resources, and that the knowl­edge you gain helps you do great things in your own cor­ner of the online world.
  • My PC Series from Microsoft - Computer cours­es for Seniors and less tech-savvy adults | The Windows Club - The My PC Series is a hands-on, jargon-free cur­ricu­lum of com­put­er class­es that Microsoft has devel­oped for adult learn­ers. This new Windows 7 and Windows Live Essentials cen­tered cur­ricu­lum is based on exten­sive audi­ence and instruc­tion­al research about how less tech-savvy con­sumers want to learn new com­put­er skills. The con­tent is designed for adults and has been test­ed with well over 500,000 students.

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