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These are the arti­cles, blogs, and resources I found inter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 28 April 2009 from 09:42 to 14:14:

  • 10 Amazing Examples of Vector Speed Drawing - In case you were won­der­ing what “Vector Speed Drawing” is, it is nor­mal Vector draw­ing at ten times the speed, it is very impres­sive and very good view­ing with nice back­ground music. As well as inspi­ra­tional. So take a short time­out and enjoy these movies…

    You will mar­vel at these 10 movies.

  • 10 Places to Find Hilarious T Shirts - If you are look­ing for hilar­i­ous t shirts, look no fur­ther! We have put togeth­er a list of the best places to find fun­ny tees online. College humor shirts, sar­cas­tic polit­i­cal t shirts, fun­ny retro t shirts, and offen­sive t shirts are just a few of the kinds of shirts you will find in the online cloth­ing stores below.
  • Sumo Paint 1.1 - Online Vector and Raster Editing App
  • Twitteronia - In the land of Twitteronia, any­one can be king of his own microblog­ging ser­vice. We offer Network Creators the abil­i­ty to instant­ly set up pub­lic or pri­vate Twitter-style shar­ing sites, which can do Twitter-like things such as drop into a blog side­bar or update from a cell phone.
  • Anyone For Pong? HypeForType™ Online Digital Type Foundry
  • Is The Future of Email at Yahoo!? - Yahoo today launched its “Smarter Inbox” which inte­grates the “con­nec­tions” capa­bil­i­ty of social net­works into email. For exam­ple, email from your con­nec­tions (per­haps your most fre­quent con­tacts) are clus­tered and grouped on the top of your mes­sages. So all mail from your spouse or your boss can be right on top.
  • andreas.wpv: Does Facebook pri­va­cy and copy­right dis­as­ter call for Microsoft coun­ter­strike? - Need for a com­mu­ni­ca­tion plat­form

    Users want, per­haps need, to be every­where: Twitter, Linkedin, face­book, live, Digg, red­dit, plaxo, high5, stum­ble upon, you name it. People want to find and meet friends, col­leagues, poten­tial future employ­ers, bud­dies and want to com­mu­ni­cate eas­i­ly. Contacts, cal­en­dar, mail, video, pic­tures and pub­lish­ing are the main ele­ments of a tool of choice.

    All online plat­forms offer some of this ‘cross con­nect­ing’ already or are head­ing in that direc­tion. GREAT, this real­ly helps. They login to my email accounts and pull the data. Still ok. There are tools to pub­lish across sev­er­al plat­forms. Great. Calendar inte­gra­tion is on the way. So every­thing is fine, or not?

  • Five Questions to Ask Before You Hit Send : MarketingProfs Articles - OK, so, “dig­i­tal or print” is the new “paper or plas­tic.” Are there still times, how­ev­er, when it’s more appro­pri­ate to stick a stamp on it rather than hit the Send button?
  • Lifehacker - What Does Google Apps for Your Domain Actually Do? - Gmail - Google Apps for Your Domain is pret­ty cool for folks with their own domain names who want to man­age a bunch of email/calendar/homepage users for it. To answer your ques­tion, GAppsFYD does not become your domain host, but it does pro­vide a bunch of ser­vices, like Gmail, Google Calendar, a Start Page (à la iGoogle), Google Docs, Google Talk, etc. The dif­fer­ence between GAppsFYD ser­vices and free vanil­la Google ser­vices is what you’d expect: your domain.

    For instance, if your domain is the​smith​fam​i​ly​.org, using GAppsFYD, you could set up a bunch of users who get Gmail, GCal, a per­son­al­ized start page, and chat all with user­names like john@​thesmithfamily.​org, lisa@​thesmithfamily.​org. Your users would log in to a Google host­ed con­trol pan­el (which you can cus­tomize with a the​smith​fam​i​ly​.org logo), and all their email would get sent with their cus­tom domain email as the From: address.

    Here’s a grab of what the domain con­trol pan­el looks like to administrators:

  • Clipmark: 10 Creative Minds of the Design Industry
  • 10 Creative Minds of the Design Industry
  • How To Turn Twitter Followers Into Friends - How To Turn Twitter Followers Into Friends
  • The Power of the Pre-Write: 5 Things to Do Before You Create Your Freelance Business Website - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog - Like all the hats you’ll have to wear as a solo agent—accountant, man­ag­er, busi­ness developer—you’ll need to add writer to the list. While free­lance copy­writ­ers may have it eas­i­er than oth­er self-employed pro­fes­sion­als when it comes to writ­ing, any­one can learn how to cre­ate con­tent for their busi­ness web­site with a few help­ful tips. But before you start typ­ing, here are some things you’ll need to do.

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