Creative Community Bulletin 2 January 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Think Negatively and Other Positive Drawing Tips
    “To per­ceive the shapes of char­ac­ters in stone tiles, you have to be a keen observ­er. Unequivocally, observ­ing mind­ful­ly will help you learn to draw as well as engage your brain. (The brain uses about 25% of its pow­er for vision.) When you lear…
  • Herman Miller’s Living Office, Customizable Office Spaces that Support Work and Interaction
    “Herman Miller’s Living Office pro­vides peo­ple with a vari­ety of Settings-spaces opti­mized to sup­port work and inter­ac­tion. Each of the 10 Settings are dis­tinct in pur­pose, scale, and socia­bil­i­ty. The right mix can fos­ter an office land­scape wh…
  • A Pilot Explains How To Avoid Getting Screwed After January 5th
    “Reader Grindintosecond explains in this piece how the FAA’s upcom­ing pilot rule change is going to alter how air­lines han­dle bad weath­er response and what you, a con­sumer, can do to avoid get­ting stuck in an air­port all night.”
  • Josh Reich: People Say They Need Complexity, But What They Want Is Simplicity

    In this talk, Reich walks us through Simple’s ever-evolving “human ori­ent­ed” design process that for­goes a design depart­ment. Instead, every employ­ee is giv­en the agency to cre­ate.”

  • The Post-PC Era Begins In Earnest This Year

    To date, there are still more installed PCs in the world than there are smart­phones or tablets. [In 2014], that’s like­ly to change. ”

  • 50 Illustrator Tutorials That Will Leave You Looking Like A Pro
    “This round-up brings you a selec­tion of great Illustrator tuto­ri­als start­ing with the basics and end­ing with advanced projects. All the infor­ma­tion you need to get to grips with this pow­er­ful soft­ware.”
  • UX Designer or Developer: Who Will be King in 2014?

    Back in 2010, almost every­one agreed, but just before the glob­al coro­na­tion of soft­ware devel­op­ers, the user expe­ri­ence (UX) design­ers unit­ed in protest, say­ing, “hang on, you are noth­ing with­out us! You are just cod­ing the amaz­ing user expe­ri­ences that we have designed!” There is still ten­sion between UX design­ers and soft­ware devel­op­ers, which bor­ders on sib­ling rival­ry.”

Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, trainer, guru: Digital Publishing, ePub, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. Empowering, Informing, Connecting Creative Professionals™

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