Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 18 March 2016

The day’s best and most impor­tant design- and design business-focused arti­cles, tuto­ri­als, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • 50 Beautiful Free Wallpapers For Creatives
    Inspire your cre­ativ­i­ty with a desk­top wall­pa­per designed just for creatives.Tags: Design GraphicDesign
  • LastPass Aims to Make Two-Factor Authentication Less Annoying

    Instead of enter­ing a pass­code to get into LastPass, you can have its new mobile Authenticator app send a sim­ple ver­i­fy but­ton that will let you sign in with one tap. Here’s a quick video to see how it works.

  • So Many Ideas, So Little Time
    Are you the kind of writer who has sev­er­al book ideas (or even writ­ten sev­er­al books), pos­si­bly in dif­fer­ent gen­res? If so, you may be won­der­ing where to start. Which book should be the first one you write, or pitch to agents and editors?Tags: Writing…
  • 4 Reasons You Should Form a Proofreading Habit

    Even rats have habits. MIT pro­fes­sor Ann Graybiel trained rats to run a T-shaped maze. First, Graybiel’s team reward­ed the rats for turn­ing right or left based on a tone. Even after the researchers stopped giv­ing treats, they found that the rats still respond­ed to the sounds as if by habit. The human brain forms habits too, so why not make them reward­ing ones? Here are four rea­sons why proof­read­ing should be a habit you pur­sue.


  • Introducing Deep POV—What IS It? Can We Buy Some on Amazon?
    If you are a writer who has a goal of sell­ing books it is wise to remem­ber that audi­ences are not sta­t­ic. They change. Their tastes change with the times and we need to under­stand what is “trend­ing” if we want to con­nect and enter­tain. Many new writ­ers look to the clas­sics for inspi­ra­tion and…


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