Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 19 September 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • All The Main Photography Mistakes That Beginners And Pro Make

    In order to help you out, let’s sim­ply get the mis­takes out of the way, or at least the most com­mon ones. Obviously, we can­not go through all of them. However, we can eas­i­ly help you by high­light­ing some mis­takes that pro­fes­sion­als and begin­ners make. Let’s start with the begin­ners! We’ll then move on to the pro­fes­sion­als and offer some extra advice to help you on the long run.

  • 16 great tools for cre­at­ing mood boards
    A good mood board can be a vital part of your design work­flow. Here we gath­er togeth­er 16 excel­lent tools that’ll help you visu­al­ly con­vey your design ideas.
  • 8 Ways to build your busi­ness fast with $4 per day (the cost of a dai­ly cof­fee)

    Here are 8 ways I’ve brain­stormed for using $4 dai­ly to build your cre­ative busi­ness.

  • Photoshop Fonts/Type/Lettering Effects Tutorials Madness
    Create Awesome Splashing Water Text Effect in Photoshop
    Colorful Plexi-glass Text Effect using Photoshop
    Create a Steam Powered Typographic Treatment
    Create Colorful 3D Text Effect in Photoshop
    Rescue Shadow Detail in Photography
    Create a Silve…
  • Hand-Drawn Logotypes by Martin Schmetzer
    Martin Schmetzer is a Stockholm, Sweden based artist and graph­ic design­er focus­ing on hand-drawn typog­ra­phy and cus­tom let­ter­ings. His graph­ics pri­v­ide a high lev­el of details. Every part of his work is designed with care and metic­u­lous accu­rac…
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Flat Design
    Designer Luke Clum exam­ines the trend for flat design and what you can learn from it.
  • Ebooks or Paper Books: Your Best Arguments
    With the advance of phones, tablets, and eread­ers, ebooks have become a pop­u­lar read­ing stan­dard. Still, there’s some­thing about the feel of an old-fashioned paper book. We asked you which one is bet­ter and why, and here are some of the best ar…
  • That extra chair in your home office? Rent it out

    Together we’ll be beta-testing a new start up called SpareChair, a web­site that lets you rent out space in your home – like Airbnb, but for work­ers. And just min­utes after I emp­ty the dust­pan and take down the trash, 32-year-old Brooklyn res­i­dents Jerry Emeka and Nate Graves, respec­tive­ly a producer/ come­di­an and a web devel­op­er, arrive.

    Like Airbnb, SpareChair lets home­own­ers or renters like me set their own rental rates, and the site takes a cut.

  • Apple should lead the way between tech­nol­o­gy, cul­ture and design”
    Opinion: Apple’s lat­est launch­es show it has become reac­tive rather than inno­v­a­tive, but after lead­ing the mar­ket for 30 years it could still have an impor­tant role to play, says Karim Rashid.
  • Are client emails bind­ing con­tracts?
    Would emails and all oth­er cor­re­spon­dence between client and design­er not act as some sort of con­tract?
  • Reasons for You to Switch to HTML5, and Examples that Further Advocate it
    A vir­tu­oso stretch of inno­va­tion, HTML5 is indeed a tech­nol­o­gy that has brought new blood to the genre of web­site devel­op­ment. Whether you want your web­site to boast shape-shifting func­tion­al­i­ties or you wish it to flaunt an over­whelm­ing­ly beau…
  • Playboy Redesigns Website to Make Articles Shareable to Your Mom (No Naked Pictures!)
    This, how­ev­er, is a new mil­len­ni­um. Take, for exam­ple, Playboy’s fem­i­nist friend­ly “Should You Catcall Her?” that went went viral this week, a fun and fun­ny flow­chart which informs read­ers there are real­ly only two cir­cum­stances in which such b…
  • I strong­ly dis­agree, but you decide: Gizmodo: Cheap Airplane Seats Shouldn’t Recline at All
    Yesterday, we shared the amus­ing case of the cross-country trip that was divert­ed when two pas­sen­gers got in a bat­tle over a reclin­ing seat. But the real vil­lain here isn’t our travel-addled selves. It’s that we still let air­plane seats recline…
  • Be lucky – it’s an easy skill to learn
    Those who think they’re unlucky should change their out­look and dis­cov­er how to gen­er­ate good for­tune, says Richard Wiseman
  • Leading tech investors warn of bub­ble risk ‘unprece­dent­ed since 1999′
    Billy Gurley and Fred Wilson, who backed Uber and Twitter, say Silicon Valley invest­ing in too many los­ing ven­tures
  • Leading tech investors warn of bub­ble risk ‘unprece­dent­ed since 1999′
    Billy Gurley and Fred Wilson, who backed Uber and Twitter, say Silicon Valley invest­ing in too many los­ing ven­tures
  • How Rejection Helps the Creative Process

    Perhaps for some peo­ple, the pain of rejec­tion is like the pain of train­ing for a marathon – train­ing the mind for endurance. Research shows you’ll need it. Truly cre­ative ideas take a very long time to be accept­ed. The bet­ter the idea, the longer it might take. Even the work of Nobel Prize win­ners was com­mon­ly reject­ed by their peers for an extend­ed peri­od of time.

  • What I wish I’d known about run­ning a start­up

    I knew build­ing a start­up would be hard. I knew it would be slow. I knew we had to do lots of cus­tomer devel­op­ment and build some­thing peo­ple want.

    But there were things I didn’t know.

  • Overused” Typefaces: When Should You Say Goodbye To A Font?

    But I’m not here to talk only about Helvetica (per­son­al­ly I have no real qualms with it), but to talk about the idea of fonts that some design­ers con­sid­er to be “overused.” Who gets to decide when a font has “jumped the shark,” so to speak? Does using a so-called overused font dimin­ish oth­ers’ per­cep­tions of your cre­ative abil­i­ties? Or does it sig­nal that you know what cur­rent clients need and are active­ly look­ing for?

  • Some of the Best Designed Offices in the World

    We’ve dis­cussed before how much our work­ing envi­ron­ments can have an out­sized effect on our out­put. Luckily, Officelovin is col­lect­ing pho­tos of their favorite offices in a vari­ety of indus­tries and loca­tions. The beau­ti­ful pho­tos pro­vide plen­ty of inspi­ra­tion for both home offices and com­pa­ny work­places alike.

  • 3 Online Contact Management Tips Even Introverts Should Try

    Socialization requires effort, there’s no way around that. However, these tips will pro­vide ways for you to remem­ber and main­tain your lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with friends, fam­i­ly, and col­leagues. Don’t let poor con­tact man­age­ment result in bro­ken rela­tion­ships.

  • With 200,000 users, Lightroom Mobile finds a foothold

    People have put 100 mil­lion images into cat­a­logs for the mobile ver­sion of Adobe’s photo-editing soft­ware. It only works on iOS devices now, but Android sup­port should arrive this year.
    by Stephen Shankland 
     @stshank September 14, 2014 8:55 AM PDT

  • Getty Images Sued for Its Deceptive Practices – Has Their Copyright Infringement Extortion Letters Finally Backfired?
    The ubiq­ui­ty of dig­i­tal cam­eras has had a dra­mat­ic effect on pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er fees, yet stock com­pa­nies like Getty Images have ben­e­fit­ed great­ly from the new par­a­digm, helped in part by a Draconian law­suit strat­e­gy that some have categ…
  • Working from home: 5 pro tips
    With the right approach you can make home-working a suc­cess for you and your clients.
  • From The Makers Of Paper, A Platform For An Internet You Can Touch

    I sus­pect FiftyThree’s lat­est prod­uct, Mix, will be equal­ly influ­en­tial, if not even more impor­tant than Paper’s orig­i­nal launch. Because Mix teas­es an even larg­er, poten­tial­ly more dis­rup­tive idea--an Internet that allows you to reach through a screen and manip­u­late mul­ti­me­dia at will. Lurking inside Mix is an Internet that you can touch.

  • The Extraordinarily Useful WordPress Hacks You Probably Haven’t Used as Yet

    Now, as “every­day” as WordPress may have become – for the fact that every sec­ond or third web­site you come across is pow­ered by WordPress – there are always the fre­quent “how the heck did they do this!” moments when you are scrolling around the WordPress realm.

  • 9 Brutal Startup Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business (and How to Avoid Them)
    Going from start­up to busi­ness suc­cess is a rocky road filled with land mines. Here are 9 start­up mis­takes you should avoid if you want to sur­vive past the ini­tial stages.
  • Paper by 53 intro­duces Mix, a com­mu­ni­ty for shar­ing dig­i­tal sketch­es & cre­ations (plus a Pencil give­away!)

    All of the addi­tions from Mix come at the swipe of a fin­ger in Paper. To access the Mix com­mu­ni­ty, your own port­fo­lio of shared con­tent, and your favorites from oth­ers, sim­ply swipe down on the jour­nal view you’re already used to see­ing in Paper. When you fin­ish up in Mix, pinch out of whichev­er view you’re in like your exist­ing sketch jour­nals and swipe right back down to your own sketch­es.

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