Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 21 July 2015

The day’s best and most impor­tant design- and design business-focused arti­cles, tuto­ri­als, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • How to Use Pinterest on Your Author Website
    Author Assistant Kate Tilton teached authors how to use Pinterest on their author websites.Tags: Amwriting self­pub epub indiepub
  • 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Loving a Highly Creative Person

    It has been proven that high­ly cre­ative people’s brains work quite dif­fer­ent­ly than oth­er brains. That spe­cial brain wiring that can cre­ate such won­der­ful art, music, and writ­ing can often lead to strain in a rela­tion­ship, because of those dif­fer­ences. If you’ve ever loved a high­ly cre­ative per­son, you know that it can seem like they live in their own lit­tle word at times, and that thought isn’t far from the truth. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are in love with a high­ly cre­ative per­son:


  • Social Media in the Classroom [Video Course]
    Learn how to use com­mon social media plat­forms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Flickr, to accel­er­ate stu­dent learning.Tags: Ed Edu K12
  • Enterprise WordPress host­ing options beyond VIP
    If you’re look­ing for enter­prise WordPress host­ing that isn’t VIP, you real­ly have three options to look at right now. Here they are.Tags: WordPress
  • Leading People When They Know More than You Do
    Balance, ener­gy, open­ness, resilience, align­ment, and effi­cien­cy. How did the stars at that firm man­age to shine bright­ly togeth­er, while those at the oth­er mere­ly twin­kled on their own?Tags: Entrepreneur Leadership Brassballs
  • Soap for Writer’s Block
    Lube the mind. Or the body. Wait, what? Lather the body. Not lube. Freudian slip. So the wordsmith’s well has run dry? Try this specially-crafted Writer’s Block


  • Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort
    All too often mobile forms make use of drop­down menus for input when sim­pler or more appro­pri­ate con­trols would work bet­ter. Here’s sev­er­al alter­na­tives to drop­downs to con­sid­er in your designs and why.Tags: UI UX

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