Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 22 May 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Time to Reform Copyright? One Author Thinks So
    I’m read­ing a con­flict between steps 1 and 2. Because I don’t think the free repro­duc­tion and dis­tri­b­u­tion of my work con­flicts with my abil­i­ty to exploit my work. Anyone can get my ebooks for free, yet I still sell well. My legit­i­mate interes…
  • A New Way to Discover Typography from Hoefler & Co.

    You’ll find typog­ra­phy that’s inspired by the things that delight us, and typog­ra­phy that reveals the tech­niques we’ve learned for achiev­ing dif­fer­ent moods. Discover.typography is a new way to expe­ri­ence type, an envi­ron­ment that makes it easy to iden­ti­fy type­faces, see them up close, and get to know their many sub­tleties.

  • Does Your Freelance Website Pass The 5 Second Test?

    Clue AppNow, let’s talk about how to run your own 5 Second Test. There are sev­er­al apps and ser­vices that you can use to run usabil­i­ty tests on your web­site. My favorite for con­duct­ing a quick 5 Second Test is clueapp​.com.

  • Hoefler & Co. Releases Fonts for Installation to iOS 7, iPad, iPhone

    Using Safari on your iPad or iPhone, head over to your Font Library page. You’ll see a list of fonts you’ve licensed for your com­put­er, each with an add to device link that installs them direct­ly into your mobile device. Managing fonts on iOS is easy — you’ll find more infor­ma­tion about it in our FAQ. Enjoy!

  • Capitalism is a Paperclip Maximizer… And Thus Humans Are Doomed
    Most impor­tant­ly (just like a hypo­thet­i­cal paper­clip max­i­miz­er) the cap­i­tal max­i­miz­er seeks to grow cap­i­tal with­out regard for the ancil­liary costs of cap­i­tal growth. The cap­i­tal max­i­miz­er has no rea­son or per­spec­tive built into it and serves b…
  • The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People

    So if you aspire to make your­self mis­er­able, what are the best, most proven tech­niques for doing it? Let’s exclude some obvi­ous ways, like doing drugs, com­mit­ting crimes, gam­bling, and beat­ing up your spouse or neigh­bor. Subtler strate­gies, ones that won’t lead any­one to sus­pect that you’re act­ing delib­er­ate­ly, can be high­ly effec­tive. But you need to pre­tend that you want to be hap­py, like every­body else, or peo­ple won’t take your mis­ery seri­ous­ly. The real art is to behave in ways that’ll bring on mis­ery while allow­ing you to claim that you’re an inno­cent vic­tim, ide­al­ly of the very peo­ple from whom you’re forcibly extract­ing com­pas­sion and pity.

  • Anamorphic 3D Illusion Drawings

    The Italian artist Alessandro Diddi ques­tions the point of view and the rel­e­vance of the look at things we can have through its anamor­phose. From the point of view that one takes, sketch­es made​in pen­cil appear to be three dimen­sion­al. Some incred­i­ble trompe l’oeil to dis­cov­er in images.

  • 25 Free Fonts for Your Creative Projects
    A list of fonts that are free to use in your cre­ative projects such us print brochures or web design projects. Font library is a design­er best friend, so if you build your own col­lec­tion, check out these fresh free fonts, hope you will like the…
  • 108 Best Photoshop Plugins & Extensions for Print Designers 2014

    This enor­mous col­lec­tion of the best Photoshop plu­g­ins for print design­ers takes some­thing good and makes it even bet­ter by giv­ing you more con­trol, more pow­er and more options than what’s avail­able in your stan­dard Photoshop toolk­it.

  • How to Streamline Your Freelance Business with Systems, Software, and Automation
    You can apply sys­tems to almost every aspect of your free­lance busi­ness. Some of the sys­tems will need to be spe­cif­ic to your line of work, but there are oth­er areas that tend to work well for sys­tems no mat­ter what your busi­ness.

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