Today in Design - Top Articles RoundUp 27 June 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Get more mon­ey with­out rais­ing your pho­tog­ra­phy prices!

    Sometimes you feel you just can’t increase your pho­tog­ra­phy prices any­more. It feels like the bub­ble has about burst and you just can’t do it. After you’ve done your prop­er mar­ket analy­sis and have elim­i­nat­ed the idea of fear hold­ing you back – move to look­ing at how you can make more mon­ey with what you already have instead of increas­ing prices more.

  • Advice From 7 Women Leaders Who Navigated The Male-Dominated Tech Scene
    Technology is still a male-dominated indus­try, but women are mak­ing an impact. Seven female lead­ers offer advice to aspir­ing women lead­ers.
  • 5 Smart Sentences that Clients Need to Hear from You

    Here are 5 easy sen­tences that can change the game. Implement these into your client com­mu­ni­ca­tion right away, and it like­ly won’t take long before you’re turn­ing “we went with some­one else” into “we want to work with you!”

  • Air Stylus Pairs Your iPad and Stylus with Your Computer to Act Like a Wacom
    iPad/Mac: The iPad is a great lit­tle draw­ing tool on its own, and a pres­sure sen­si­tive sty­lus can make that expe­ri­ence even bet­ter. If you want to extend that even more, Air Stylus is an app that lets you use your iPad and sty­lus as a draw­ing t…
  • I’m NOT pro crowd­sourc­ing, but FYC is. – Is Crowdsourcing Crowding the Freelance Graphic Designer?
    Over the past few years the demand for crowd­sourc­ing ser­vices has sky­rock­et­ed. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly true for the design indus­try where crowd­sourc­ing plat­forms such as DesignCrowd offer a cost effec­tive way for small to medi­um busi­ness­es, start-…
  • Hands On With Adobe Ink & Slide

    From its pack­ag­ing and col­or to its design and pre­sen­ta­tion, Adobe’s new Ink & Slide cloud con­nect­ed pen and ruler set fits hand-in-glove into Apple’s ecosys­tem.

  • Adobe Photoshop Mix review: Not just anoth­er iPad pho­to app

    The new Adobe Photoshop Mix, a cloud-based image edi­tor and com­pos­i­tor that debuted as part of Creative Cloud 2014, will actu­al­ly per­form some processor-intensive func­tions — like con­tent aware fill, lens cor­rec­tion and shake reduc­tion — in the cloud and deliv­er the results to your iPad.

  • Massimo Vignelli: The 3 Traits of Great Creatives
    Famed design­er Massimo Vignelli passed away this past month at the age 83. As a result of his near­ly 60-year-long career, Vignelli left behind a lengthy lega­cy of cre­ative wis­dom. Included among the libraries of insights from his career, Vignel…
  • Typography 101 – Using Swash Characters

    Swash char­ac­ters are those with embell­ish­ments that extend off the stan­dard char­ac­ter. A swash char­ac­ter is usu­al­ly – but not always – an alter­nate to the reg­u­lar, unadorned default let­ter­form. More and more type­faces are designed with swash char­ac­ters, thanks to the expand­ed char­ac­ter capac­i­ty of OpenType® tech­nol­o­gy.

  • 5 Lessons From The Kickstarter Designer Who’s Been Making A Poster A Day For A Year
    Alex Proba has ded­i­cat­ed 30 min­utes dai­ly to her poster-a-day project. Here’s what oth­er design­ers could learn from her dis­ci­pline.
  • Exporting Layers as PNGs in Adobe Illustrator

    In Adobe Illustrator, there isn’t a way to export each of your lay­ers, all at once, as PNG files. That fea­ture just doesn’t exist native­ly. However, with the help of an awe­some script, as well as a lit­tle extra prepa­ra­tion, you’ll be able to export lay­ers to PNGs in Adobe Illustrator in min­utes. Who wants to export all of your lay­ers in Adobe Illustrator by hand? I don’t know many who do. The video below explains how all of this works.

  • 100 Best Free Fonts
    So here is a mas­sive selec­tion of some of the best free fonts avail­able on the web. You will find all types of free fonts here, rang­ing from big and bold for head­lines to clean and read­able for copy.
  • Choosing the right font for mobile

    The first thing to con­sid­er when design­ing for mobile is that mobile screens, espe­cial­ly smart­phones, afford a much small­er dig­i­tal can­vas to play with.

    This is why the afore­men­tioned Readability still holds the num­ber one cri­te­ria for selec­tion. Fonts designed for mobile espe­cial­ly must main­tain high con­trast (form) and ren­der sharply and cor­rect­ly across devices and browsers (func­tion). Other con­sid­er­a­tions under the broad­er cat­e­go­ry of “form” include:

  • Ensuring You Get Paid, Even if the Client Terminates You
    I make sure I receive pay­ment while work is still in progress; to ensure I main­tain the lever­age I need, I do not release any mate­r­i­al I am cre­at­ing until I have a check in hand. Unspoken, but all too appar­ent, is the point that, if my client …
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Accelerates Past 2.3 Million Paid Members

    Paid mem­ber­ship is accel­er­at­ing and has now passed 2.3 mil­lion sub­scribers (adding 35,000+ new cus­tomers each week), since the new CC release replaced Creative Suite one year ago.

    While the com­pa­ny still sells last year’s CS6 for those who would rather have the pre­vi­ous licens­ing mod­el, the Creative Cloud pack­age com­pares favor­ably on almost all mea­sures and is one of Adobe’s highest-rated major prod­ucts ever – like­ly because it gives access to almost every­thing they make, all for one easy price.

  • 6 Open Online Photography Classes You Can Learn From At Your Own Pace

    These six open online pho­tog­ra­phy class­es could be just the thing if you like to do your learn­ing more sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly. Enroll, join, try them…but keep your cam­era close by.

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